Local Wisconsin Rewards Programs to Save on Gas

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Local Wisconsin Rewards Programs to Save on Gas
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Local Wisconsin Rewards Programs to Save on Gas
Gas money

If you’re a self-proclaimed professional couponer or get gasp-worthy deals on Groupon, you may be frustrated that there are rarely coupons or discounts for one of life’s most pricey necessities – fuel for your vehicle. Of course, you can get around this by using public transportation or commuting by foot or bike, but for those of us who must travel by automobile, spending money on gas quickly adds up.

But, there is a way to save on fuel, after all. Many gas stations and convenience stores offer fuel rewards programs to save you money at the pump. Here are four local gas station rewards programs found throughout Wisconsin that every savvy saver should know about.

As a member of the BP Driver Rewards loyalty program, car owners earn rewards every time they fill up on gas at a participating BP gas station. The rewards come as cents per gallon – 1 cent off for every $10.00 BP gasoline purchase you make. You can redeem these rewards on a fuel purchase of up to 20 gallons. So, spend $100 on gas, get 10 cents off, spend $300 on gas, get 30 cents off, and so on. It might not seem like much at the start, but it adds up. You can also link your rewards account to a credit card that you often use to fill up, taking away the need to swipe your BP Driver Rewards card prior to your purchase at the pump. Find all the details here: https://www.mybpstation.com/bp-driver-rewards.

Kwik Trip
The Kwik Rewards™ loyalty program grants cents off gallons of gasoline when you make qualifying purchases at Kwik Trip, Kwik Star, and Tobacco Outlet Plus Grocery locations. It also gives you exclusive in-store coupons and offers a punch card that earns you free items, such as sandwiches or donuts, after you make 15 visits. To find out more or to sign up for Kwik Rewards™, visit: https://www.kwikrewards.com/.

Mobil partners with the Plenti rewards program, which allows points to be earned with all of Plenti’s partners, such as Exxon, Mobil, Rite Aid, and Macy’s. This rewards program offers one point for every gallon of gas purchased and two points for every $1 in eligible non-fuel purchases made. Not only can you use Plenti rewards points on fuel purchases at Exxon and Mobil gas stations, but also at Plenti’s partners. Find out more about the Plenti rewards program here: https://www.plenti.com/.

Any new Fuel Rewards® member now gets instantly upgraded to Gold Status (their highest fuel rewards status) for a full six months. After that, Gold Status can be retained by making six fuel purchases during every three-month period. Gold Status allows members to save at least 5 cents per gallon on every gasoline purchase. Rewards members can also gain Fuel Rewards® on everyday purchases, such as dining, online shopping, and travel, among others. Get 10 cents off for every $50 spent at a qualifying restaurant, bar, or club, and 5 cents off for every $50 spent shopping certain brands online. To see the full list of Fuel Rewards® qualifying partners, visit: https://www.fuelrewards.com/.

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Local Wisconsin Rewards Programs to Save on Gas