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How to Get Free Books Without Going to the Library

How to Get Free Books Without Going to the Library

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Many people have the perception that books are no longer relevant as everything you need can easily be found on the Internet. However, that is not true as some information presented in books was never transferred to the Internet. Also, books are used as a great pastime activity, and many people read as a way of occupying their time. The price tag on a new hardcover can be challenging for some people, even paperback prices are on the rise, and people often wish to know how to get free books.

As the need go paper-less is on the increases, where are some additional places one can get access to free books without having to visit a library? Not everyone has access to the Internet (or can access it) and may want to get a book or two to read. With a combination of the Internet and the physical world, here are ten places one can get free books without the need for a library:

How to Get Free Books Without Going to the Library

Book Swaps

Different institutions host book swaps across the country, and this is the perfect place to connect with other book lovers and exchange books. You have the opportunity to see firsthand what the book is like and if it interests you enough to take home. The books in the swaps are wide-range from documentary to romance, religious or just general.

In addition to taking in books to the event, some hosting allows you to take books without even swapping and the best part of the whole thing – it’s free! The book swaps also take place online where you make requests for a particular book, and it is shipped to you free of cost. Some websites, however, require you to send in a book to a specific location.


Countless times we are asked what we need as a gift for our birthday or the holiday. This option could be a great avenue to score on some free books, and you can make the choice of which you need. If you are a big book lover, you could ask only for books as gifts, and sure enough, they are sometimes cheaper than other gifts so friends and family would not mind giving them.

Book Launches

Book Launches are one of the more natural ways to get physical books without having to purchase them. Many authors give out books in exchange for beta readers, so the more book launches you attend, the more books you are sure to get. However, most times, book launches are by invitation, so you may need to keep your ears and eyes open to know the venues and times for each. You can search online for book launch listings and where they will be held, as well as some magazines that give insights on authors who will be having their launches.

Local Bookstores

Many local bookstores put out old or stripped books in the “trash,” and it is open for the public to access and grab a few. There is a wide range of books they usually put out, so you can access them and find some new and unusual versions to read. Also, there are used bookstores that put out books for people to take (without having to replace them). Others trade as a way of helping charity organizations where they request food, clothing, or other hygiene products so they can donate to local charities.

How to Get Free Books Without Going to the Library


On many occasions, schools offer book releases where they throw out used books and take in new ones. You have the chance to go through them and select the ones most soothing to you. This option may also be beneficial to you as you can choose books to learn from that your kids can also use. Of course, lots of schools don’t allow outsiders to enter the school, so you may be supervised while going through the collections. If you know know how to get free books, you can often score some great reads at the school open house events.

More ways on how to get free books


If you want to know how to get free books, you can’t ignore Goodreads. Goodreads is an online portal that allows you to read books of different genres for free and even keep track of the books you read. Goodreads is also classified by many as a social catalog website with a wide range of books, reviews, and annotations. It only requires you to sign up and register on the website then choose the reading list you want based on the criteria you highlight.

The website has been running for a few years, and many book lovers have noted their satisfaction with the site. In addition to reading virtually, you can get access to hardcover books as they offer their readers unique options of getting books shipped to them.

Barnes & Noble

This website is another excellent option to choose from when looking for a wide range of books to read. They offer ebooks in almost all genres, and the categories are free to access once you gain entry to the site. These ebooks are free, and the options available on the website are extensive.

How to Get Free Books Without Going to the Library


Amazon is, by far, one of the largest places to choose from when it comes to getting books to read. There are multiple audio, ebooks, and physical books to choose from when you access this site. There are lots of free ebooks to choose from, including hard copies, but there are also some that go for low cost (mostly to help with shipping in getting it to you). The good thing about Amazon is that you can check reviews for each book before reading, so you at least know what the book is about.

Hotels & Resorts

This may seem like a strange option when looking for know-how to get free books, but they do offer visitors to take books they have in their lounges. A lot of hotels do get book donations, and when they have served a while, they give them away to eager book readers. If they don’t leave them in the lounges in boxes or on tables, they generally donate them to reading centers, and you can access them from there.

Other places on the Internet

There are multiple other places on the Internet; you can gain access to free books like reading websites and others that offer writers to connect with readers from all over the world. They provide access to physical books (which they ship), ebooks you read online, and audiobooks for those who may not be able to read them efficiently.

Libraries may be going out in some places, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have access to books of different genres to read and enjoy.

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