Low Cost Date Idea: Plan a Romantic Summer Picnic

Low Cost Date Idea: Plan a Romantic Summer Picnic

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One of the best ways to enjoy the summer is to get outside and enjoy the sun. Having a picnic during the summer is a long-standing tradition for some but as we become more and more busy it’s often set aside in favor of a quick grab and go meal or some other option. Instead of hitting up the latest fancy restaurant opening with your love one, why not have a romantic picnic? Not only is it low cost but it will give you time to relax and connect.

Low Cost Date Idea: Plan a Romantic Summer Picnic

Low Cost Date Idea: Plan a Romantic Summer Picnic

What Should You Bring?

The most important item is something comfortable to sit on. You may want to avoid a picnic right after it’s rained or there is wet ground – nothing like soggy blankets to put a damper on the event. You can lay down a plastic tablecloth first, and then cover it with a blanket to make sure you stay dry. Also consider bringing a second blanket to cover up with if you’ll be out at night and temperatures drop. Some people even have special outdoor pillows they like to have to recline on.

Water! One of the biggest mistakes people make when picnicking is to carefully plan the food but fail to bring enough water.

Outdoor dinnerware is your best bet for easy clean up and low hassle. If you really want to make the event special, bring a nice plate or glasses for wine but keep in mind there’s a higher chance they’ll tip over and break outdoors.

A small cutting board and a knife. You may not think this is necessary if you’ve already prepped the food but you’d be surprised how often it comes in handy. Cutting bread, peeling fruit or even serving as a makeshift plate or serving platter – it really can come in handy!

Stay safe. Pack sunscreen and mosquito spray to keep your skin safe and the bugs away. You might even want to toss in a few candles that keep bugs away. It will add a nice ambiance while serving its main purpose.

Food. Don’t forget the food! Choose items that can be served at room temperature and aren’t messy. Sandwiches, simple salads, cut up fruits and vegetables all are options to make your picnic great.

Setting the Mood

Find a semi-private area that has at least some shade to lay out the picnic. Keep away from crowds, and uneven ground.

Bring something nice to drink like a bottle of wine or champagne. Even a nice fruit juice can add to the feel.

A small radio or MP3 player with speakers can help you set the mood by adding some romantic music – or just enjoy the sounds of nature!

Make Your Date Idea a Surprise Picnic

Who wouldn’t love to be surprised with a picnic? Make this date a surprise by simply telling your loved one you have something planned, what time they should be ready, and to wear something comfortable.

This is a very simple way to spend quality time with your special someone without breaking the bank. Chances are it will be even more memorable than a fancy night out on the town!

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