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How to Keep Your Meal Planning Organized in Your Planner

How to Keep Your Meal Planning Organized in Your Planner

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It’s no secret that meal planning offers a wealth of benefits. You never have to worry about what to cook your family again. Everyone gets to enjoy dinners without getting bored of the “same old thing.” Plus, meal planning lets you budget your grocery money so you purchase what you need and nothing more.

How to Keep Your Meal Planning Organized in Your Planner

The trick is deciding how to organize your meal planning. If you already use a life planner, this can easily be incorporated into your book. Read on to learn what you should include in your planner to make meal planning an organized task.

How to Keep Your Meal Planning Organized in your Planner

Some planners have space for you to include your meal plan for each week. If your planner doesn’t come with this, there are a few workarounds so that you can still organize your meal planning without hassle.

First, take a look at the spaces on your weekly pages. Do you see a notes section? This can be turned into the weekly meal plan space. Use the same space each week for your meals, so you can quickly reference them.

You may also want to fill in each day’s section with the meal you have planned. This also makes it easy to glance at your planner to see what you are serving your family.

Including your Grocery Shopping List into your Planner

Along with adding your weekly meal plan to your planner, you can also keep track of your grocery-shopping list. Find a devoted space, and jot down items you need as you run out. Write down items while you are researching recipes as well.

Having everything in one place makes staying organized simple!

Adding your Favorite Recipes to your Planner

Finally, you’ll want to add your favorite recipes to your planner. The best part of meal planning is finding new dishes to try. You don’t want to forget those meals that you and your family loved!

Many planners have note pages toward the back where you can jot down your favorite meals. Copy full recipes onto these pages too, for safekeeping. Reference this information as needed, when you are making your weekly meal plans or grocery shopping list.

As you can see, your planner is a great place to store everything needed for an organized weekly meal plan. Having your information stored in one book ensures you don’t forget what to cook – and that you never have to scramble to find a suitable meal for you family!

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