Is a Meal Planning Service Worth it?

Is a Meal Planning Service Worth it?

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Preparing and shopping for our own food is one of the hardest things to achieve these days. We are working a lot more, we are online constantly, and we just want to lay down when we get home. Preparing food has become something we don’t even think about. People would rather watch YouTube videos than cook. Today we are looking at the thought: Is a Meal Planning Service Worth it?

Is a Meal Planning Service Worth it?

Before everything, I want to hear from you. How much money are you ready to spend for a meal service? Is it going to improve your life quality? A meal service is worth at what price point? Do you want to do this all the time?

First option: Fresh Meals

What it is: Up to 3 fresh meals per day at least 5 days a week.

Costs: Usually, the prices vary a lot. However, you will probably end up paying around $10-$30 per meal range. The price will depend on the food’s freshness and the place where it comes from. For a single person, the price will be around $1000 per month.

Pros and Cons: You will get great food with no time spent. You will have a meal plan that’s perfectly designed. Your price range may be a con, another con might be you not liking all meals. The meal planning serves will provide you with flexibility in terms of traveling or going out to lunch.

Second option: Frozen Meals

What it is: Up to 3 frozen meals per day – five days a week. Meals are usually delivered ready to heat up or frozen.

Costs: Usually, you will end up paying $8-$15 per meal.

Pros and cons: Fresh food is obviously the best. However, there are companies that can come close to it. As it is the case with the fresh meals, you will pay for decisions to be made. Frozen meals are going to allow you to use them when you need them and store them properly. For example, if you have more time to cook or if you go out of town.

Third option: Grocery delivery

What it is: Get your groceries delivered after you pick what you need online.

Costs: The delivery fee is usually $10-$15. You will end up paying for the amount of food purchased, of course.

Pros and Cons: You will often find stores that offer delivery services. However, someone will have to be at home to accept the delivery. The second solution is giving a delivery driver an access to your outside cooler. The delivery driver will put the goods in there if no one is at home. Online inventories are sometimes outdated.

Think it over…

Whatever option you choose to go with, you want to make sure that it will make sense financially. Think about how much you are earning per hour. The meal service should never be higher than 50% of that amount. For example, if you are making $20 per hour and it takes you five hours to prepare food on a weekly basis, you are free to spend $50 on a meal service every week.