How to Save on Protecting Your Eyes

How to Save on Protecting Your Eyes

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Taking care of aging parents, I have learned one thing: take care of your eyes NOW. Both of my husband’s parents were blind by the age of 80. She was the victim of Diabetes – where she didn’t take cake of herself and chose not to tell anyone she was having problems seeing until it was too late. Diabetic Retinopathy claimed her vision years before she passed.

How to Save on Protecting Your Eyes

As for Dad? Macular Degeneration. You can see the handsome guy here as he was recently celebrating his 96th birthday with his baby sister – who turned 93 on the same day. He is actually looking at the camera because he can no longer see directly in front of him – his vision is on the sides of his eyes so he looks off to the side to see what he needs to see. To us, it looks like he is looking away…which brings me to the point!

There are many things you can do to prevent becoming a statistic for loss of vision as you age – here is a quick list of tips for you:

Watch What You Eat

It’s not just getting another carrot in – you want green leafy veggies and those Omega 3 Fatty Acids like Salmon. Keeping a healthy diet means you can hopefully avoid issues like diabetes and that Macular Degeneration. Dad’s generation came from the “meat and potatoes” club – not a lot of fish or fronds to be seen.

Butt Out

Quit smoking. Not only does it increase you chances of cataracts and Macular Degeneration, it is friggin’ expensive! At $9 a pack (according to the local Wal-Mart in Sun Prairie) that is $468 a year if you only smoke one pack a week. The really expensive part? The other health issues it can cause too.

Invest in Eyewear

That excess UV exposure has been proven to lead to cataracts and that Macular Degeneration. We have gotten a lot smarter about this one over the years too – research is an amazing thing, isn’t it? Here is the thing – many think of sunglasses, only in the summer! Many who are in the midst understand the horrible glare from the snow and how it can affect your driving. That reflection is what is really hard on the eyes. Or the glare off the water when you are on the lake? That picnic on a perfect sunny day? All of that adds to the UV issue and if you are like me? You need more than one pair of sunglasses! I keep a pair in each car, in the camper, and more so I am never left without my eye protection.

Sunglass Warehouse

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Polarized Cat Eye Sunglasses

I was sent a pair to play with and can guarantee you: they come quickly, very well packaged, and just as described on the website. I picked the Polarized Cat Eye Sunglasses with the name Petra – with the fun tortoise shell frame and amber lenses. They are a steal with a price tag of just $12.95 – and that is before the discounts!

I will add a picture of me in my hot new shades from them but here is the funny thing: we haven’t had one sunny day since they came! However, trust me; those sunny days are coming – make sure you are prepared. Check out Sunglass Warehouse for your self … don’t trust those non-uv imitations at the local thrift/discount stores! Your eyes are to precious a ting to gamble on.