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Has Pinterest Killed the Tupperware Party?

Has Pinterest Killed the Tupperware Party?

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Now let me start with the fact that I am not knocking Tupperware. I was a consultant for almost twenty years and had risen through the ranks to become a Charter Tupperware Director. I had the free use of a vehicle for most of that time – they even paid for my tires and insurance. I took trips on their dime – from Hawaii to the Bahamas. Oh yeah – I made a ton of cash too!

Here is the thing that did NOT exist when I was in direct sales: Pinterest.

Has Pinterest Killed the Tupperware Party?

Has Pinterest Killed the Tupperware Party?

All the recipes and handy hints I used to amaze people with at my parties? Yes, I called them parties – not demonstrations because when I was in the room, it was a PARTY! All those gems of metered out wisdom are now on some multiply pinned gem.

  • The magic 3 ingredient peanut butter cookie recipe?
  • The best way to clean your microwave?
  • The easiest way to take a strawberry hull and greens off – using a straw?
  • The magic pie filling cake?
  • The 2 ingredient pineapple upside down cake?
  • The best way to store your fresh vegetables?
  • The best way to use your freezer?
  • Tips for packing the perfect picnic or camper cooler?
  • How to save space in your cupboards?
  • How to make one basic mix and create 8 different entrees with it?

These are all things that would pull them in at a party, having those super busy multi-tasking moms sitting at the edge of their chair. Of course, this is just a sampling of what I taught at parties – I had created a “bible” of over 100 theme parties that could give the inside secrets to making the perfect baked apple puffy pancake down to how to make heart shaped cupcakes for your Valentine!

Has Pinterest Killed the Tupperware Party?

Let’s not leave the kids out! I had recipes for the tiny Tupperware sets that complimented their Easy Bake ovens, DIY sidewalk chalk as well as the best homemade bubble recipe ever. Again – no longer mystical secrets thanks to the world of bloggers and Pinterest.

You can see why I asked if Pinterest Killed the Tupperware Party…

How do today’s Tupperware consultants do it? How do they maintain the magical balance of being the smartest food prep person in the room when Pinterest and YouTube have made Master Chefs of anyone with simply a click of their mouse?

I know the company is always coming up with new products to market – from microwave grill presses to pressure cookers. I was delighted to see their new stainless beverage tumblers, especially after the American Academy of Pediatrics announced that they don’t recommend ANY kid under the age of 5 being feed off of plastic. They include having their food packed in plastic or food microwaved in plastic due to the endocrine disrupters etc. They have a blanket inclusion for everything from cling wrap to plastic dishware – even polycarbonates are on their hit list.

Virtual Parties are not parties.

Book parties could never build a business back in the day and viral parties are another way to try and leverage the technology of the times to basically do the same thing. They are not real parties. It is not 60 to 90 minutes of getting together with your friends … it is social media promotion of a product for up to a week at a time with a few random quick games thrown in. I hate “Twitter parties” and don’t attend them, and see a virtual party as the same vein. It is impossible to get someone to feel, fondle and create the desire for ownership of a product when they are not physically in the room. You are not creating that personal connection that a face to face connection makes. It is harder to close the sale when you can’t use personal and physical psychology. It just is not the same. At. All.

So, what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you still rush to go to an in-home demonstration? Is it to simply be with your friends or your passion to see what is the latest and greatest new item out there? Are you still looking for that magic recipe that no one seems to know of yet? Do you simply stay home and shop from your personal consultant online, watching the monthly sales to see what is the best bargain? Have you migrated to Pinterest? Are you converting your kitchen to non-plastic items like the International Housewares Show in Chicago showed the trend this year?

Do you think Pinterest Killed the Tupperware Party?


2 thoughts on “Has Pinterest Killed the Tupperware Party?

    • It’s the total opposite! Since Pinterest, I have more incentive to cook and use my Tupperware more than ever to store it all. Nothing prevents freezer burn like Tupperware. I wouldn’t mind going to a party 🙂


    • I resent started selling Tupperware. It is not dead. It is very much alive. Our area sold $96,000.00 Worth of Tupperware in the first quarter of 2019.
      I had 8 people in attendance at my first party. I live in Shelby NC

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