Easy Dollar Tree Farmhouse Decor: White Farm Stand

Easy Dollar Tree Farmhouse Decor: White Farm Stand

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The Dollar Tree has become a mecca for DIY’ers. The possibilities are endless with the sheer number of items found in most stores. One of our favorite Dollar Tree projects is this white farm stand! This piece can be used as everything from a coffee station to a desk organizer and it’s just $5 in Dollar Tree supplies to make!

Farmhouse decor is all the rage these days. With Pinterest and Instagram showing us endless pins of rustic furniture, we are constantly being exposed to new ideas for our homes. Dollar Tree offers plenty of inspiration for your home with its wide selection of farmhouse decor items at an affordable price! I put together a Dollar Tree farmhouse decor project using only Dollar Tree products that you can recreate in less than an hour!

Easy Dollar Tree Farmhouse Decor: White Farm Stand

Just look at how cute this is – and trust me, it is SUPER easy to make! And yes, I even cot that cute little cream pitcher at the local Dollar Tree!

Dollar Tree Farmhouse Decor

What exactly is farmhouse decor?

Farmhouse decor is a style that typically features natural materials like wood, leather and metal.

There are many different ways to incorporate farmhouse decor into your home. One way is by adding rustic furniture such as an old table or chairs you’ve found at thrift stores. Another option for a more affordable look would be to use Dollar Tree’s collection of items and simply create your own accents!

What is a farm stand?

A farm stand is a structure that stands at the roadside or in an open space to sell produce and other goods.

Farmstands are often built with wood, but they can also be made out of metal or any sturdy material.

The Dollar Tree has many items for making, decorating, or switching up your own white farm stand! It’s quick and easy to find rustic-looking items like crates, buckets, baskets, burlap sacks…even hay bales! There’s so much you can do with these simple building materials!

I debated on this project – but with the warm weather here – I needed to break down my large coffee station into a smaller section as it isn’t really used as much over the summer. The kids don’t grab a hot chocolate or apple cider, no one has that cold or flu to need the hot tea, and I simply don’t have that morning cup of cappuccino.

This pint-sized version of a farm stand perfectly gets the job done and gives me back some of that prime kitchen counter real estate that I will soon need for canning my garden bounty.

Why shop at the Dollar Tree?

Like you might have just guessed, the Dollar Tree has a huge variety of items to choose from! There’s something for everyone, with the range including food, toys, party goods like balloons or streamers, home products such as candles and dishes…and even pet supplies!

I love how the Crafter’s Square section has grown and grown and grown. From wire wreath forms to deco mesh to glue sticks, they are rapidly becoming a one-stop-shop haven for budget crafters. Even Walmart can’t compete with some of their amazing deals!

With all of that being said … let’s get to crafting!

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Dollar Tree Farmhouse Decor Supplies For the Farm Stand:

I linked to a few things on the Dollar Tree website just in case your local store doesn’t have them in stock. It really is a cool program to be able to order case partials and be guaranteed to have everything you need for your project.

My other tip? Get to know your local store manager! Kris is my go-to guy and with a quick text, I can tell him what I am looking for and I get a text back when it is in stock.

I can’t guarantee y’all are going to have people as cool as Kris working at your local stores, but it is always worth asking.

Dollar Tree Farmhouse Decor

How to build your Dollar Tree Farmhouse Decor:

Start by painting all 3 dollar tree wooden boxes. I didn’t do the insides as I new they would get a lot of use – I figured it would just make a mess down the road. 

Dollar Tree Farmhouse Decor

Next, remove the jute twine from the arrows, mine just slide out from the staples but you could use pliers or scissors. Take those staples out too.

Dollar Tree Farmhouse Decor

Next paint both sides of the wooden arrows. Allow them to dry for about an hour if not the hot glue won’t adhere to them when that step comes.

Dollar Tree Farmhouse Decor

Next, add hot glue to one side of each wooden box and add it to the wooden arrow. I decided to place the bottom one closer to the bottom of the arrow, the middle one in the middle, and the top one almost all the way to the top of the arrows. 

Dollar Tree Farmhouse Decor

Next add hot glue to the other side of the wooden boxes and add the wooden arrow on top of them. Let the whole thing dry for an hour or two and then, you are ready to rock!

finished farm stand

Style and enjoy!

Dollar Tree Farmhouse Decor

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