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The 21-Item Dollar Tree Food List For Thrifty People

The 21-Item Dollar Tree Food List For Thrifty People

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A Dollar Tree food list? You might not really have thought of this, but Dollar Tree stores are a great place to find food at an affordable price. They have a variety of different deals and prices that are sure to please all budgets!

Dollar Tree has been one of the most popular dollar stores for years. It has everything you need and more, including food! Dollar Tree’s slogan is “Every day is like Black Friday,” so you can get some great deals on food there. This blog post will give a list of some of the best bargains to be found in a Dollar Tree store.

Seriously, some of these are such steals that if you are NOT buying them at your local Dollar Tree, you are kind of just throwing out money.

We put together this list of our 21 favorite dollar tree food finds so that if you ever need to stop by Dollar Tree for some groceries, then it’s easy to find what you need and get the rock bottom prices on those items.

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Dollar Tree Takes Coupons!

Dollar Tree does accept manufacturer coupons. They do not accept competitor store coupons, such as those for Walmart, Target, or Dollar General.

  • Coupons used at Dollar Tree must always be originals and cannot be photocopied. They must be completely intact and not altered or modified in any way.
  • Coupons can not be over $1 in value.
  • Dollar Tree accepts one manufacturer coupon per single item purchased and has a maximum of four of the same manufacturer coupons accepted for each customer per day. For printable coupons from the internet, Dollar Tree will accept up to two printed coupons per customer per day.
  • When coupons are used on a purchase, Dollar Tree requires that the item purchased does exactly match the product listed in the coupon’s description including the appropriate brand, size, quantity and etc. in order to be accepted by the cashier.


But — some of what I am going to talk about are name-brand items – so you could get them for less than a buck – or possibly FREE – just by adding a coupon to your transaction!

The 21-Item Dollar Tree Food List

OK – here are the most amazing deals we found at the Dollar Tree

1) Frozen Fruit

12 to 16-ounce bags of frozen fruit. For a dollar. What a steal! This is one of the best dollar store bargains for sure when you compare to your local grocery store average price of $4-5. Mixed berry, strawberry, blueberry, and even peach! Stock up for those summer smoothies!

2) Frozen Vegetables

It used to be you could get a one-pound bag of veggies for a buck at your local grocery store – now they are 12 ounces and usually at least $1.50. That makes this close to the top of our list. Frozen vegetables are healthier than canned for you and perfect to have on hand for everything from making soups to that side dish for dinner. Stir Fry blend, corn, carrots, broccoli, carrots and peas, even California Blend! S.T.E.A.L. deal.

3) Milk.

coupons for millk

Shelf-stable milk. It is a lot different than powdered milk, good for camping or cooking, and there are a few different kinds – 1% and even whole. They even have shelf-stable almond milk! With Walmart and Hyvee topping $4 for a gallon – getting a quart for just a buck is on pace with that pricing but it lasts a lot longer.

4) Sugar cones

12 sugar cones for a buck beats that $3 larger box at the store that often has you throwing out over half of it when they go stale. They also work great for cupcakes – like these adorable Gnome cupcakes we found on A Monkey on a Cupcake!

5) Lemon Juice

coupons for lemon juice

You can get a quart of lemon juice for a buck. Add a one-dollar sugar package and you are all set for that summer lemonade! All you need is 6 1/2 cups of water, 1 cup lemon juice, and 1 cup sugar in your 2-quart pitcher, and a little ice in your glass to pour it over. Refreshing!

6) Bargain Dollar Tree Food List: Spices!

Talk about expensive – your grocery store can charge up to $15 for the SAME-sized container. Get a nice-sized container for your most common spices for just a buck.

7) Ice cream

ice cream coupons

It has come a long way over the last few years and is really darned tasty now. When comparing to pints of ice cream that are at the grocery for $3-4 each? What a fun way to cool off the kids on a hot summer day. Personally, I have a few of each kind in my freezer right now – they are just that good.

8) Snapps Aps!

These are a great sample-sized package of appetizers and you have several to choose from. If you have an air fryer? Even better for those mozzarella sticks, etc. to be crispy and crunchy perfection.

9) Pancake syrup

Who cares if Aunt Jemima is on your bottle of pancake syrup or not? For a buck you can save two to three bucks that the grocery store charges! Why not pick up a bottle for the camper AND the house at that price?

10) Moon Pies!

OK – we have a thing about these and I HAVE to keep them in stock here. If you are upset that even Little Debbie has raised her prices, a box of these gives you 10 tasty treats for those school lunches.

11) Pretzel bites.

During quarantine, I missed going to the movies. We always worked the deals and got gift cards. When paired with Tuesday Marcus deals, we ate junk food like champions! These guys are JUST like the movie ones and amazing with cheese sauce.

12) Cheese Sauce

(see number 11)

13) Salad Dressing

dollar tree food list

8-ounce bottles of name-brand salad dressing for a buck. Or less, with a coupon!

14) Toast ‘Ems 6 count pastries

dollar tree food list

Look out Pop Tarts – these are only a buck and are offered in multiple flavors. No health Police please, I am not suggesting that these are healthy in ANY way, but they are a darned good bargain.

15) Taco Shells

taco shell coupons

Go Mexican with ground beef – shredded chicken – or even baked fish for a fun family taco night with these incredibly priced taco shells!

16) Salsa

(see number 15 as to why you need salsa)

17) Fudge Mint Cookies

dollar tree food list

Not to knock the Girl Scouts but if you can only get your Thin Mints one time a year? Head to the Dollar Tree for the closest knock-offs I have ever tried. It is almost the same amount of chocolatey minty goodness for 1/4 the price.

Contrary to the rumors, they are NOT by the same baker. ABC and The Brownie Bakers are contracted for all the Girl Scout cookies in the United States. This is a different baker. I like these cookies for this fun recipe: Girl Scout Thin Mint Grasshopper Pie Recipe

18) Vanilla Extract.

This is usually right up there with the prices of spices. It is NOT real vanilla extract, but imitation. Still – if you are baking a lot of cookies? For a buck it is a bargain!

19) State Fair Corn Dogs

corn dog coupons

I LOVE it when Sonic has their $0.99 corn dogs – but this is even a better deal – where you get TWO. Again, it isn’t the healthiest choice, but at least you have portion control, LOL.

20) Coconut Oil

Everyone with essential oils knows the value of this gem – it is used for everything from cooking to beauty DIY. This coconut oil is a great bargain for any thrifty person, hands down.

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21) Canned Pie Filling

This is another “grocery staple” that you should always have on hand – especially if you are a camper! Who doesn’t like pudgy pies? Canned pie filling is usually at least three bucks at the local market – what a great way to top that Sunday French toast!

So, that wraps up our bargain Dollar Tree Food List – can you think of something we missed that should be on this list? Please let us know in the comments!

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