Meal Planning Made Easy!

We saved $40,000 in less than a year and you can too!•Almost half of that was Just by changing our food patterns.•Shopping smarter at the store with coupons saved over $12,000•Stopping the ‘going out to eat habit’ saved over $7,000•Meal planning makes $ense financially! WHY meal plan?           1) Save Money!      •It really doesn’t matter how many things you […]

Ham Meal Plan

Today’s big purchase of the day was an 11 pound ham. (Yes, it was on sale…) This ham gives us over 10 meals worth of meat, and that is AFTER you remove the bone! Ham, bacon, pork – all is super to have as a meal for the family and here is my favorite thing about it: the FDA forbids […]

LeftOver recipes vs PlanOvers – it is how you sell it.

Do you know how many people have no idea what a planover is? It really surprised me! They are familiar with leftover recipes though. There is one subtle difference between the two. I have a few friends whose families will not eat leftovers. What a shame!!!One of the things I had learned in my years of foodservice was the creative […]