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7 Ways to Save on Back to School Lunches

7 Ways to Save on Back to School Lunches

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The thought of packing lunches this new school year may have you seeing dollar signs. But the good news is, you can still pack your child a fun and healthy lunch while staying within your grocery budget. Take a peek below at 7 ways to save on back to school lunches, so you can pack your child a lunch that is tasty as well as thrifty.

7 ways to save money on back to school lunches

1. Use cloth instead of paper.
Instead of sending paper and disposable plastic products in your child’s lunch, send cloth and reusable products instead. In the long run, being able to reuse these items instead of replacing them each time is sure to save you some cash.

2. Skip the single servings.
Buy in bulk instead of buying single serve items. You will have to package the items into single servings yourself but will in the end get more food for your dollar. This is great for doing with yogurt, cereal, and even canned fruit and applesauce.

3. Pack a thermos.
A thermos is great for keeping soup and leftover stews warm. A soup or stew makes a hardy lunch and typically costs just pennies a serving as well. A thermos can even keep hot dogs and pasta warm.

4. Think about meatless options.
Meat can end up driving up the cost of your lunch. Think of high protein yet meatless options that cost less. Tuna salad wraps, bean salad, fruit and peanut butter and pretzels all make wonderful, meatless choices.

5. Skip the convenience.
Lunch products that come with silverware, their own condiments, or fancy packaging may make life easier, but you are really paying for the convenience of them. Instead of buying a premade salad or store made fruit skewers, try making your own from fresh produce.

6. Make your own beverages.
Invest in a quality thermos or water bottle that you can send drink mixes in. Powder drink mixes cost a few cents per serving and in the end will save you money over sending pricey juice boxes.

7. Let your child help you plan.
Do you know what your child is eating each day? If you are continuing to pack a food they won’t eat, the end is wasted money…and food! Have your child help plan their lunches, that way you know what you pack will be enjoyed and won’t go to waste.

When you give these 7 tips a try, you can save money on school lunches while still packing a meal that is tasty and healthy. Consider these tips this school year and save.