Princess Room Update!

Things have been purged… All traces of Noah’s Ark have been removed… The Princess Canvas Prints are all in… The curtains are made (finally…). ….My Mom scored some Princess Dresses in GREAT shape for $1 each  — I think I am going to steam them all, put them on hangers and surprise Miss Sarah by making in “impromptu” closet under […]

DIY Tuesday, the Dinosaur Birthday Party!

I have talked before about Birthday parties and how they can be fun, without costing a mint. These places that charge $13.95 or more per child are really raking in the dough, sadly at the expense of the parent! There are a few things that are important for every party: Invites Activity (games only let 1-2 little people win, an […]

Garage Sale Tips and Tricks for Success

If you are looking at getting ready of excess stuff, or need to liquidate a few things to pay a bill or two quickly, then having a garage sale could be just the ticket. There are several things you need to keep in mind to have a successful garage sale; advertising, organization, pricing, and then what to do with anything […]