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Garage Sale Tips and Tricks for Success

Garage Sale Tips and Tricks for Success

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If you are looking at getting ready of excess stuff, or need to liquidate a few things to pay a bill or two quickly, then having a garage sale could be just the ticket. There are several things you need to keep in mind to have a successful garage sale; advertising, organization, pricing, and then what to do with anything that might be leftover. Our garage sale tips and tricks will help you master it all.

Our garage sale tips and tricks

How to Craft the Perfect Garage Sale Ad

The success of your garage sale depends a great deal on the advertising you do. A good ad can bring in customers ready to buy, while an inferior ad can turn prospective buyers away. If you are worried about crafting the perfect garage sale ad, worry no more. Look below at some helpful tips on how to craft the ideal garage sale ad and see how easy it can be to write an ad that gives your sale the attention it deserves.

  1. Put the sale dates first.
    Before you list any other information, list the sale dates. This way, the reader doesn’t have to search for it. List the not just the date but the day of the week as well to avoid any confusion.
  2. Create a detailed list of the items you have for sale.
    The more details you can include, the better. Don’t just put “clothing” but instead be specific if you are offering kid’s clothes, women’s clothes, name brand clothing, etc. Don’t just say “books” but instead be specific if they are children’s books, magazines, or novels. The more specifics you can add, the more interest you can drum up.
  3. Include details about special deals/prices.
    Consider running a deal on specific items you are offering. For example, consider selling books 3 for $1, or children’s clothing for $1 each. Advertise these specials in your ad so people know what they can expect and what kind of deals they can take advantage of.
  4. Clearly list the sale hours, including early-bird info.
    Be very clear when listing the sale hours, and be sure to mention if you will allow early-bird shoppers or not. Chances are the early birds will show up either way, but should you let them, you may enjoy a nice crowd nice and early.
  5. Include a precise address along with cross streets.
    Sometimes just including the address of the sale is not enough. Be sure to mention any notable cross streets or landmarks in the area that the sale is near. You might also want to use an identifier such as garage door color in the ad. For example, you could say, “123 Garage Sale Lane, look for the house with the red shutters and green garage door.” This way, people will have no problem locating the sale and will feel more welcome.
  6. Add some humor.
    A little humor inserted into the ad can help draw attention. You don’t have to be super witty; you can just say something along the lines of, “help us get rid of the clutter in our garage so we can just fill it up again!” An ad that makes someone laugh is an ad they will share with others.
garage sale tips and tricks old metal chair with a garage sale sign

Now that you know how to craft the perfect garage sale ad let’s talk about garage sale tips and tricks on where to post these ads! Here are a few cheap and free places to post your garage sale ad:

  • Facebook Marketplace
    Include a few pictures of the items you are offering and be sure to include your zip code so shoppers in your area can be notified.
  • Facebook Garage Sale Groups
    Most Facebook selling pages allow for garage sale ads. Be sure to include a few photos so buyers can get an idea of what to expect.
  • Craigslist
    Craigslist is still an excellent forum for listing your garage sale for free. You can even include a map in your listing as well as photos of your items.
  • Local news sites.
    Most local news sites will allow you to place free garage sale listings. You may not be able to make them as detailed, so use this feature along with one of the more comprehensive offerings above.
  • Your social media pages.
    Take advantage of your own social media accounts! Be sure to list your sale along with photos and as much detail as possible.

Are you ready to have the best garage sale yet? Consider these tips on how to craft the perfect garage sale ad and see how easy it can be to get eyes on your sale!

Garage sale tips and tricks for Organization

Do you have enough tables? What are you selling? Is your stuff clean? Is it priced? Did you hit the bank to get a change bag? How are you going to group things for display?

  • We sold our dog stuff as we no longer had a dog. Crate, dog house, feeding bowls, etc were all together.
  • Kids clothes were by kids books, animals, movies and toys.
  • Wagons were by the sensory table
  • All Tupperware was together
  • Christmas items grouped
  • You get the idea.

It makes things a lot easier for anyone who is there for specific items and subtly does a suggestive sale of add-on items for you.

Now let’s talk pricing.

There are two different trains of thought on this; I want to get some of my money back or I just want to get rid of it. My husband doesn’t get out to garage sales and freaks at a $20 sticker on a practically new Radio Flyer Wagon that sells for $89.99 new….and said it should only be $5. I have been to sales and know I COULD go up to $40 and it would still sell. I split the difference.

You have to decide what your motivation is, getting rid of it or making money. Things will fly off the shelf if you are pushing those $5 wagons. You just won’t make much money.

7 Reasons People Aren’t Stopping at Your Garage Sale

There is nothing more frustrating than working hours setting up a garage sale, only to have potential customers just drive by. When setting up your yard or garage sale, there are specific tips you should keep in mind to keep traffic coming your way. Take a look at these seven reasons people aren’t stopping at your garage sale, and see what you can do to make sure your garage sale is a successful one!

This is truly one of the most important garage sale tips and tricks that you can consider. Are you ready to make some money this garage sale season? Then take a look at these seven reasons people aren’t stopping at your garage sale and see how to get started.

  1. Your signage isn’t clear.
    How many times have you pulled up to a sale and wondered if you were at the right place? Or, you knew you were at the right place but wondered if you were too late, or too early? Having clear signage will help people feel more welcomed at your sale. Put up clear signs that say “SALE HERE” as well as the sale hours. If room allows, add a few of your big-ticket items to the sign as well.
  2. The sale doesn’t appear organized.
    While some people like a good treasure hunt, many don’t. If your sale just looks like bins and boxes thrown around, people may choose to keep driving. Make sure all of your items are neatly organized and displayed so that even from the street, potential buyers can see the goods.
  3. Big-ticket items are hidden away.
    A good tip for drawing in buyers is to put larger and big-ticket items near the entrance of the sale. These items could be furniture pieces, large toys, bikes, and other popular items. These larger items will draw attention as people drive by and hopefully entice them to stop and check out the rest of the sale.
  4. The selection doesn’t look big.
    No one wants to park and get out of their car for a sale that takes 30 seconds to walk through. Even if you are limited on merchandise, spread the items out to make the sale look larger. People will be more likely to stop if they feel there is a good deal of stuff to look through and consider.
  5. No one else is shopping.
    Some shoppers aren’t comfortable getting out and looking around if they are the only shopper. They may not want to feel pressured or like they have attention on them. One way you can fix this is to have more than one person working the sale. That way, multiple people are walking and moving around.
  6. Items can’t be seen from the street.
    Even if you have smaller items to sell, you can still make larger signs that show off their prices. You might be running a great deal on books, but if people can’t see the boxes from the street, they may not know that. Instead, put a large sign by the box that reads “BOOKS 3 for $1,” so people driving by can see what great offers you have.
  7. Things look sloppy or messy.
    Just like you wouldn’t shop in a messy store, people may drive by a sale and yard that is messy. Before your sale begins, take a few minutes to sweep the driveway and clean up yard debris. Tidying up the space will help it look more inviting. Move away any clutter and try to present a clean space that is welcoming.

Before you kick off your next garage sale, consider these seven reasons people aren’t stopping at your garage sale. Then, plan your sale accordingly, and you are sure to notice positive results.

7 Things to do With Those Garage Sale Leftovers

This is one of those garage sale tips and tricks that you hate to consider, but you have to deal with it if there is stuff left over after the big event. No matter how successful a garage sale you hold, chances are you will still end up with leftovers after the day is done.

Having a plan of what to do with those leftovers can save you stress at the end of a long sale day, plus it allows you to help others in the process. Take a look at these seven things to do with garage sale leftovers and see what options you have for your remaining items!

  1. Donate clothing items to local shelters.
    Local homeless shelters are always in need of gently used clothing items. Donate any leftover shirts, pants, dresses, shoes, socks, and coats to your local shelter so they can distribute them. All sizes and styles are needed, so just box them up and drop them off.
  2. Take blankets and bowls to a local pet rescue.
    Pet shelters can always use extra blankets for bedding, as well as bowls for feeding. If you have any extra blankets or bowls, simply drop them off at a local pet shelter. Some other items they may be able to use are soft plush toys, balls, and of course, pet beds or crates.
  3. Schools can use leftover books and magazines.
    Call local schools and see if they can use any leftover books. With education budgets so tight these days, schools are always looking for donations of media items. Schools, after school programs, and local recreation centers may be able to use your book donations more than you know!
  4. Sell big-ticket items on Facebook Marketplace.
    If you have some more significant ticket items you aren’t ready to donate, try selling them on Facebook Marketplace. Here you can post your item for sale (for free!) and find a buyer in your community. Marketplace works excellent for furniture items, electronics, and name-brand goods.
  5. Head to eBay.
    If you have collectibles, name brand clothing, or other higher-value items left from your sale, head to eBay! Here you can sell your items for a small fee and make some quick cash. Choose things that would be easy to ship, take clear photos, and create listings with as much information as possible. You might be surprised at what your items will bring!
  6. Arrange for a donation pick up.
    Many thrift stores offer free pick up these days. A few days before your sale, be sure to call local thrift stores and see if they offer this service. Then, arrange a time for pick up. When your deal ends, simply box up your items and wait for the truck to arrive. You will even get a receipt so you can write the donation off on your taxes.
  7. Have a “free sale.”
    When your sale is over, simply place the leftovers near the street along with a FREE sign. You will be AMAZED at how quickly your items will disappear. You can also put an ad on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, letting people know there are free items for the taking. Make sure you put your free pile near the curb and away from the house, so no one thinks items around your home are for the taking!
garage sale tips and tricks free sign

Are you ready to get rid of those garage sale leftovers? Consider these seven things to do with garage sale leftovers and see how simple it can be to declutter what remains while even helping others.

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