Wisconsin Crafts From the Land of Cheeseheads!

I am a firm believer that learning can be FUN! This is a great example of this as you can make fun crafts as your kids learn about the great dairy state. Wisconsin is considered the dairy heart of the country, being home to hundreds of acres of land where dairy cows are raised. As part of the Midwestern states, […]

How To Make Catnip Mice

This was something fun I did with my girl scout troop — we made catnip mice for the Humane Society as part of the Pet Patch they were working on. How To Make Catnip Mice is something they now know! First things first, a pattern. I just kind of winged it. I simply cut out a mouse shape, larger than […]

How to Throw a Dog Themed Birthday Party

A dog themed birthday party was on the books for our pre-schooler, leaning more towards the puppy concept. We wanted it to be a little different, in the concept that it would be a service learning opportunity. She already had a ton of toys, more clothes than she could possibly wear, so this seemed like a great option. Make the […]