Creating an Easy, Inexpensive Headband and Bow Holder For The Princess Room

Creating an Easy, Inexpensive Headband and Bow Holder For The Princess Room

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In this blog post, we are going to show you how to make an easy and inexpensive headband and bow holder for your little girl.

Princess Room headband and bow holder

The best part is that it’s super easy to assemble and will only take about five minutes of your time. We have included a list of materials below as well as the instructions on how to make one for yourself!

Bow Holder for Girls

Why do you even need one? Easy! When little people have a lot of something it can be harder to keep track of it all. If they can see all of them in one place, it makes it a bit easier to find the perfect accessory for their chosen outfit of the day.

Bow Holder Frame

This is probably the most important part of the bow holder – and you will customize it!

If you don’t have an old frame handy, then you can pick one up at a garage sale or your local thrift store. It doesn’t matter what the picture inside the frame is, you are going to remove it.

Bow Holder Materials

  • an old frame (or similar)
  • a length of wire that is about two feet long
  • paint or other material to cover your holder and make it look prettier.
  • ribbons – mine came from the Dollar Tree and was in my stash!
  • a staple gun with staples

That’s it!

Bow Holder Instructions:

Remove the picture from your frame, lightly sand it, and then lay it down on the newspapers.

You are going to paint it whatever color you are looking for. As we were working on Miss Sarah’s princess room – we used the same bright pink that we used for the canvas art!

I say “we” as this was all about HER room and I thought she would enjoy helping me to make this. Kids take a lot of pride in ownership of experiences and I wanted her to look at it daily with pride.

painting the Headband and Bow Holder

It took two coats of this simple Apple Barrel paint and, as you can see, we opted to not paint the fun design in the middle of the frame. That let a little of the gold shine through and it would blend in with a few other gems in the princess room.

Headband and Bow Holder

Once your paint is dry, it is time to get out the staple gun! I had a great hot pink ribbon with white polka dots in my stash.

After figuring out the center of the frame and how we wanted to do this, I stapled one end on the back, pulled it tight, and then stapled the other end. Quick snip and repeat.

finished Headband and Bow Holder

We ended up with 6 strips of ribbon to clip all the hairbows onto.

Once we started to add her hairbow collection to the frame we realized that adding ribbon loops for a few headbands wasn’t going to work. This was going to strictly be a bow holder.

Now, you need a wire to hang this gem to the wall. As our frame and most older frames are the same way, came with a wire hanger, we simply switched the orientation from vertical to horizontal.

If your frame didn’t have a wire, then you can attach the wire hanger to the back of your frame with a staple gun.

And voila! Bow Holder complete! It’s super simple, affordable, and will give your little girl more time with you because they can find everything all at once instead of having you help them every five minutes or worse – losing something precious altogether.

See how it fits in perfectly?

how to make a princess Headband and Bow Holder

How do you tame all the hair bows that your kids collect?

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