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Tips from the Pros on How to Get the Best Deals at Target

Tips from the Pros on How to Get the Best Deals at Target

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You know those stores where you go in for one item and come out with a cart full? Yes that is me with Target. Target has so many items and it’s so tempting to see all these great items and think, “I need that!” If you are not careful Target can be a BIG TIME budget buster because it’s full of temptations and can easily lure you into buying items you don’t need. Today I’ve rounded up tips from the pros on how to get the best deals at Target! I’m hoping this will help you all walk out of the store with a cart full of items for $30 rather than $150!!

  • Stack Coupons: Couponing at Target is great because you are able to stack manufacturer coupons with Target coupons to maximize your savings even more. Target Cartwheel is another useful tool that allows you to stack coupons in conjunction with the cartwheel savings.
  • Use a Target Debit Card: You can sign up for the Target debit card (not a credit card) and you will instantly save an extra 5% on all purchases. These savings are deposited into your bank account within a couple of days after your purchase.
  • Know the Target markdown schedule: Each Target store typically follows a weekly schedule as to what days certain departments are marked down. Talk with your local store to be sure they follow this schedule as most Target locations do.
    • Monday – Electronics, baby items, Accessories, kids clothing, books, and school/stationary supplies
    • Tuesday – Women’s clothing, household items, pet supplies and groceries
    • Wednesday – Health & beauty, men’s clothing, furniture, lawn and garden and diapers
    • Thursday – shoes, sporting goods, luggage housewares, home décor, and bedding
    • Friday – Cosmetics, jewelry and hardware
  • Use the Price Scanners: Just because there is an area of items marked 25% off doesn’t mean all items in the area are 25% off. Scan your items with the in store scanners, often times you will find items marked down even more.
  • Know how to Read the Tags: Those red clearance tags are the BEST and if you know how to read the tags they can help you save even more. The original price is on the top right hand corner along with a number such as 10,15,25 that number is the current percentage it is currently marked down. If the item says 70 and it’s not a seasonal item you can be confident that is the lowest price that item will go.
  • Know Where to Look: You can find great deals all over the store however to score the best deals at Target you will want to shop the back end caps as this is where you will find items with the deepest discount. I always make it a point to browse those each time I shop.

Just knowing these few tips will definitely help in finding the best deals at Target. I remember when I used to get excited about 20% off! Knowing what I know now, I can find so many great things for 70-90% off!!

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