BBQ Chicken Pockets

BBQ Chicken Pockets

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A simple way to use leftover chicken…quick pocket sandwiches!
If your chicken was seasoned…use a little BBQ sauce to cover the flavor,

simply stir it in when you shred the chicken.

meal plan month one
Take canned croissant dough and press two triangles together
to make a rectangle. 
Put some of the BBQ chicken mix in
and top with shredded cheese – I have a cheddar mix 
Fold it over… 
Crimp the edges… 
And bake as the instructions for the dough tell you…
it will be enough to heat the chicken mix
and melt the cheese inside! 
We paired it with carrot sticks and coleslaw that
was leftover from our Fish Fry Dinner out! 
***One can of dough and one chicken breast is enough meat for four pockets.

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