Back to School Shopping Hacks

Back to School Shopping Hacks

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Back To School Shopping Hacks
Back to school season is coming and it will be here before you know it! When I was a kid it was always so exciting getting that list from school of all of the supplies that we had to go get for the start of the year but now as a parent I kind of dread that list. School supply shopping is always crazy busy because everyone is looking for the same stuff at the same time, there is always slim pickings on what you can get because of the madness, and it is just a hectic time. Today I am going to be sharing with you a few tips for making school supply shopping a breeze and you will save money too!
-Shop on Tax-Free Weekend: Find out what weekend your state is having their Tax-Free weekend and go shopping then. I’m not going to lie to you, it will probably be really busy but it is worth saving that chunk of money! Get there early and get all your supplies tax-free. This will save a big chunk of money, especially if you have multiple kids to buy supplies for.
-Start Early: It is never too early to start school supply shopping and sometimes you can get the best deals months before school starts. You may not have an official supply list on hand yet but you can get the basics without the list such as notebooks, folders, paper, and pens/pencils.
-Buy in Bulk: Buying in bulk will also save you money. A lot of times you can find packs of folders or notebook paper that will save you a few bucks if you buy the multi-pack rather than buying each of your kids their own set of supplies. Buy in bulk and have things on hand for when it is needed.
-Recycle: Some supplies can be recycled and reused from the previous school year. Things like binders, gently used notebooks and folders, and even pens and pencils can all be reused as long as they were kept in good shape from the previous year. No need to buy new items if you can reuse your old ones.
-Compare Pricing: I would highly recommend checking out various store’s ads and deals on school supplies because you could be way overpaying for things. Be sure to look around before buying and also watch out for coupons to get additional money off with your school supplies!
School supply shopping can be stressful, hectic, and expensive. Don’t let that happen! Use these tips to make it a smooth and affordable trip to get all those supplies for your kiddos at school.