7 Tips For Healthy Long Hair

7 Tips For Healthy Long Hair

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7 Tips For Healthy Long Hair

Miss Sarah is a child model and I often hear:

“How do you keep her hair looking so fantastic?” 

It’s not all that difficult, even if she is a very active girl who loves swimming, riding horses, camping and more. So here we are sharing how these 7 Tips For Healthy Long Hair are sure to keep your locks shiny and luxuriant year round. Having long hair can be tough to maintain. From split ends to the styling difficulties, many people choose shorter styles for convenience. However, if you like having your hair much longer it can be easy to maintain with the right tools on hand. It doesn’t have to cost a ton of money or require a lot of products to keep your long hair healthy.

7 Tips For Healthy Long Hair

Use the right shampoo & conditioner. Not all shampoos or conditioners are created equally. Make sure you are buying something quality for your hair type, and in some cases your hair color. If you use a shampoo for oily hair but yours tends to be normal, you could be stripping away oils that result in your hair having a dull look instead of shine you want. The most expensive brand doesn’t always mean best, but low priced can often be ineffective. Try a few different ones before you settle on what works best for you.

Avoid excessive heat styling. Heat styling damages hair. Whether it is blow drying, curling or straightening excessive use of heat on your hair will result in damaged and split ends. If you must use heat to style your hair, make sure to invest in a pre-treatment that will coat and protect our hair.

Skip days between shampoos. Shampooing your hair every day isn’t necessary unless you are sweating a lot or getting it genuinely dirty. While it may take your scalp some time to adjust, skipping a day or two between washings can actually benefit your hair health greatly. Some go as long as one week between washings. Do some tests to see what you feel works best for your hair.

Don’t wear your hair up every day. Tying your hair up in a bun, braids or ponytail every day can be convenient, but it can also damage your hair. Being held in an elastic band in the same way day in and day out can eventually cause your hair to break off at odd places. Give you hair a break by letting it naturally hang at least a few days per week.

Invest in a regular special deep conditioning treatment. Once a week use a good quality deep conditioning treatment. Hot oils, hair masks and deep conditioners can help rejuvenate and treat split ends or dry roots after a long week of styling. Depending on the current damage, this tip for healthy long hair may be something you need to do weekly, biweekly or monthly. We also found that the Swim Spray we were sent to test ROCKED! It eliminates chlorine odor and irritation from hair and skin. After Miss Sarah is out of the pool, I spritz her hair until she can shower and wash it. That stuff works like a charm and it is a VERY reasonable price.


Get your hair trimmed regularly. Believe it or not, trimming your hair on a regular basis will help it to stay healthier. Hair is dead cells, and thus the longer you have it the duller it will get. By trimming even just an inch or two every few weeks or months you will help your hair maintain it’s luxuriant locks. Most get their hair trimmed every 6 weeks if in a specific style, but for those with longer hair you can go 8-12 weeks between trims without feeling like you are getting too short. I LOVE our stylist : Joan Hynes from Mane Designs in Sun Prairie. She just ROCKS with kids too!

Take a daily vitamin. A good multi-vitamin or skin, hair and nails vitamin is a great idea to boost your health overall. Not only will it help you to increase your health in general, it can easily boost your hair heath in the process.

Growing healthy long hair is tough, but it is completely manageable if you work at it. Be sensible with styling, product use and regular conditioning and you’ll have a full head of luxuriant hair everyone will love.


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