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7 Extremely Bad Habits to Avoid for a More Productive Life

7 Extremely Bad Habits to Avoid for a More Productive Life

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We all strive to lead a productive life where we get everything done on time. No one wants the stress of deadlines piling up, or people breathing down our necks. In order to be truly productive and get more done, there are a few behaviors we must stay away from.

7 Extremely Bad Habits to Avoid for a More Productive Life

Read on to discover seven of those extremely bad habits to avoid if you really want to be productive in life!

Not Scheduling Your Time

While you don’t need a strict itinerary that details your day to the minute, having a to-do list or a planner with the tasks you need to complete for each day makes you more productive.

When you don’t have a schedule, it is likely that things will be forgotten. Deadlines will be missed. You’ll be backtracking to do yesterday’s priorities that you’ll never be able to be productive or get ahead.


Putting things off because they are difficult, we are too tired to tackle them, or we just don’t want to do them is not good for your productivity. When you have something on your to-do list, you need to list them in order of priority, not preference – and then get them done!

It’s important that you don’t wait to the last minute to complete a task, either. This leads to being rushed to meet a due date. Most people aren’t able to do their best work when they are in a hurry.

Lack of Organization

Searching for the right notebook or file eats away at the time you spend on a task. It’s simply impossible to lead a productive life if your desk, home, and/or office are always a big, crazy mess. Take a week to sit down, declutter everything, and create a “home” for all of your remaining belongings. The result will be an environment where productivity can thrive.

Trying to Multitask

Some people may think they are getting more done when they are working on two or more things at once. The truth is, unfortunately, that the back and forth between tasks usually makes it take longer to finish them both. This is because your attention is having to bounce between the jobs, without the ability to focus on one thing until completion.

Rather than trying to multitask on multiple things to combat boredom, take breaks in the middle of a single task.

Comparing Yourself to Others

It doesn’t help your productivity in the least to compare yourself to others. Everyone has his or her own unique talents and abilities. They also have methods for completing work that may not be effective for others. By sitting around and wishing you could be as productive as Jane, you are doing nothing but wasting time! Rather than making sure you are doing what others do, pave your own way to productivity.

Saying YES to Everything

In order to lead a productive life, you must learn to prioritize your responsibilities. Part of this prioritization includes learning to only take on what you can handle, and nothing more. The idea is to only say “YES” when something excites you or will be beneficial. If you aren’t really feeling it, it’s okay to say, “No thanks.” Your schedule and productivity will thank you!

Needing Perfection

Feeling that everything must be perfect before you can move on to another task can seriously drain your productivity. Sometimes, good enough is good enough! Not everything needs to be perfect for you to be satisfied with your results. Just take action!

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    • Thanks for the tips Dannielle. I have often struggled with focus and have found that attempting to multitask is a big problem for me. Your points about organizing your work and avoiding multitasking are spot on. Thanks!

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