5 Things You Should Reuse to Save Money

5 Things You Should Reuse to Save Money

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Today world is all about being eco-friendly and recycling and reusing just about everything. I am all for this movement. I like to do anything I can to save myself some money all while helping out the environment and making the world a better place. A lot of times recycling items is something really simple such as throwing your cans and bottles into a recycling bin or using reusable bags at the grocery store. Today I am going to be telling you all about five things that you can reuse that will save you some money while you do it.
-Plastic Bags: I tend to acquire a TON of grocery bags due to a lot of grocery shopping that I do. I hang on to all those bags and repurpose them for other things such as packing lunches, and shipping supplies. They make for a great cushioning if you plan on mailing anything out or if you are moving and need to pack up dishes/fragile items.
-Oven Heat: If you cook something in the oven, leave the oven door cracked open when you are finished and allow the heat to release. This will help to give heat to your home without having to crank up the thermostat.
-Coffee Grounds: If you are an avid coffee drinker, save those grounds! You can not only use those coffee grounds again for coffee, but you can also use these coffee grounds for skin care. You can easily make a coffee ground sugar scrub that make for an amazing all over body scrub for exfoliating.
-Food Containers: We absolutely love to keep leftovers in our house however Tupperware can get to be pretty expensive. I like to keep containers such as empty butter tubs, or cottage cheese and sour cream containers to store leftovers. You’re already purchasing these items anyway, so you are saving a ton of money by not having to buy Tupperware as well.
-Old T-Shirts: I think we all have those old, raggedy t-shirts that have no use to us anymore but we have yet to throw them away, and I’m going to tell you why you shouldn’t throw them away. I love to use my old t-shirts to clean windows both in my home as well as in my car because they make the windows look extremely clean, with a steak-free and lint-free shine.
There are so many things around your home that you can reuse and save a boat load of money, these are just a few and if you are not reusing them already, I would highly recommend you start reusing them.
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