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25 Dr Seuss Inspired Snacks

25 Dr Seuss Inspired Snacks

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Happy Birthday Dr Seuss! (OK, it was really on March 2nd…) We have always LOVED his work in our house and here is a quick list of over 25 fun Dr Seuss Inspired Snacks you could make while enjoying story time with your littles.

If you are looking for more than Dr Seuss cupcakes, then check out this amazing list of Dr Seuss Inspired Snacks we curated!

25 Snacks Inspired by Dr Seuss

Here are a few of mine that I have shared over the years:

Dr Seuss Red Fish Parfait

The birthday of Dr. Seuss is approaching fast, so I am now sharing this Red Fish Parfait recipe. This is a straightforward dessert recipe that you can prepare for the kids during the weekends.

Get your recipe of Dr Seuss Red Fish Parfait here

Dr Seuss Red Fish Blue Fish Pancakes

We all love pancakes, and Dr. Seuss’s birthday is just around the corner. So I am sure you will love this recipe of pancakes, which taste simply awesome!

Get your recipe of Dr Seuss Red Fish Blue Fish Pancakes here

Green Eggs and Ham Cookies

Do you like green eggs and ham? Well, I do. They are one of the cutest and sweetest recipes that you can make. You will just need a few simple things to turn the cookies into green eggs.

Get your recipe of Green Eggs & Ham Cookies here

Cat in the Hat Parfait

I always love making fun recipes and this one is no different. These strawberry parfaits closely resemble the Hat in The Cat in the Hat. It can be made super quick, and you can serve it for breakfast or post-lunch snacks.

Get your recipe of Cat in the Hat Parfait here

One Fish, Two Fish Jello

The One Fish, Two Fish Jello is the perfect snack for the kids who loves sweet treats very often. Dr. Seuss inspires the snack, and they are effortless to make. It is a great snack to take to school. We had to include them in our list of 25 Dr Seuss Inspired Snacks!

Get your recipe of One Fish, Two Fish Jello here

Cat in the Hat Pancakes

The Cat in the Hat pancakes looks just like the Cat’s Hat with the pancakes, whipped cream, and a cherry on top. This will be a fun breakfast for the kids.

Get the recipe of Cat in the Hat Pancakes here

Nutter Butter Lorax

The Nutter Butter Lorax cookies are very easy to prepare and are a perfect treat on your kids’ birthdays. The cookies are soft and cute, and since Dr. Seuss’s birthday is drawing near, you can make these to celebrate.

Get the recipe of Nutter Butter Lorax here

Lorax Cake Pops

Dr. Seuss was a pure genius, and he was very concerned about the environment. It is good to see so many kids today demonstrate a similar concern for the environment, just like Dr. Seuss. The Lorax Cake Pops are a tribute to his goodness.

Get the recipe for Lorax Cake Pops here

Dr Seuss Cookies

Everyone loves cookies, and I am sure that these cookies will make everyone happy. We are not talking about the age-old dull-looking cookies here; Dr. Seuss cookies look really happy and fun.

Get the recipe for Dr Seuss Cookies here

Cat in the Hat Cookies

I am a big fan of Dr. Seuss, and I love celebrating his birthday with the Cat in the Hat Cookies. These cookies are very easy to make, and I make a whole bunch of them at one go. It is effortless to make and involves only 3 to 4 ingredients.

Get the recipe of Cat in the Hat Cookies here

Green Eggs and Ham Pretzel Bites

The Green Eggs and Ham Pretzel Bites are a perfect snack for everybody, including the kids, as it does not involve much prep work. If you are familiar with Dr. Seuss’s books, then you will understand how popular Green Eggs & Ham Pretzel Bites are!

Get your recipe of Green Eggs & Ham Pretzel Bites here

One Fish, Two Fish Preschool Printable

If you have a toddler or a preschooler at home, then the One Fish, Two Fish Preschool Printable is a fun way to practice counting, sequencing, and sorting with these free printable.

Get the One Fish, Two Fish Preschool Printable here

Cat in the Hat Sunday

Dr. Seuss has entertained many generations of children, and it only fits that we should celebrate, in our own sweet way, the birthday of this great man. You can have this celebration in your house or in the classroom.

Here is everything about Cat in the Hat Sunday


We all love to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss, and there is no better way to celebrate it than make some wonderful and tasty Dr. Seuss cupcakes. You will love making these cupcakes for your kids so that they can take them to school.

Get your recipe of Cupcakes here

Truffla Treats

The Truffla Treats are so easy that your kids will pester you to make them on every occasion. They look very bright too and are a perfect way to celebrate the birthday of the great man, Dr. Seuss.

Get your recipe of Truffla Treats here

Elephant Ears

As you can understand from the name, it is a fun recipe meant for the kids. You can give them as an after school treat.

Get your recipe of Elephant Ears here

More Fun Dr Seuss Inspired Snacks:

  1. One Fish, Two Fish Popcorn

The One Fish, Two Fish by Dr. Seuss, is one of my favorite books as it lends itself so well to all kinds of fun activities and food. I decided to extend the fun element further and make this One Fish, Two Fish Popcorn, which is so brightly colored that any child would like it.

Get your recipe of One Fish, Two Fish Popcorn here

Lorax Nutter Butter’s

The Lorax is everyone’s favorite Dr. Seuss book, and I am no exception. To celebrate his birthday last year, I made the Lorax Nutter Butter’s cookies which are so easy to make as it requires only a few ingredients.

Get your recipe of Lorax Nutter Butter’s here


Dr. Seuss definitely inspires this Smoothie. It is a layered strawberry milkshake, and instead of ice cream, I preferred to use the Cool Whip. But if you are not fond of whipped cream, then you can resort to using ice-cream.

Get your recipe of Smoothie here

Cheese Stack

Dr. Seuss Snacks are loved by all, including me, as they are an excellent choice for breakfast and/or after-school snacks and treats. If you feel that you will not like them, then you should at least try it once to understand why we are so mad about this cheese stack.

Get your recipe of Cheese Stack here

Lorax Cookies

The Lorax cookies are elementary to make, and they are a perfect treat that you can serve on the weekend of Dr. Seuss’s birthday. Among all the books of Dr. Seuss, I loved The Lorax more than any other title, and it is only apt that I have planned to make Lorax cookies on March 2nd.

Get your recipe of Lorax Cookies here

Lorax Pasta

My kids just love pasta, and they loved the motion picture, The Lorax. I decided to combine these two and came up with Lorax Pasta. I used food coloring to make the pasta look bright and colorful and, believe it or not, the final preparation was much taster than any burger and/or fries.

Get your recipe of Lorax Pasta here

Edible Scrabble

Ever heard of edible scrabble? Well, now you can play scrabble with real cookie tiles and is greatly enjoyed by the kids. Even adults love a game of edible scrabble; after all, eating words is a lot of fun.

Learn about Edible Scrabble here


Barbaloot are bear-like creatures that live in the Truffula valley. The Barbaloot snacks are named after them. These snacks are simple to prepare, and it will hardly take your time. It is so easy that I was thinking of skipping it altogether, but then I decided to share it with you all!

Learn about Barbaloot here

Go Dogs

I know everything by Dr. Seuss by heart…I am a big fan. Go Dogs is not precisely written by Dr. Seuss, but it does get a special mention as it is my daughter’s favorite and is a Dr. Seuss categorized book.

Learn all about Go Dogs here

Lorax Orange

The Lorax Orange is a lemonade mocktail that mainly comprises of lemon and oranges. This slightly twisted orange juice will surely satiate your thirst, and the kids will want more of these.

Get your recipe of Lorax Orange here

Thing One and Thing Two Strawberries

The Thing One and Thing Two strawberries are great additions for any party. The kids will love these cheesecake filled strawberries.

Learn about Thing One and thing Two Strawberries here

Grinch Fudge

The very colorful Grinch Fudge will make your own heart grow. It is a no-bake treat that is very easy to make and is perfect for cookie trays during parties.

Get your recipe of Grinch Fudge here

Pink Ink

It is very easy to make Pink Ink beverage, and it goes well with any of Dr. Seuss’s snacks. However, I prefer to offer Pink Ink with one of my own snack creations inspired by Dr. Seuss.

Get the recipe of Pink Ink here

Other fun recipes you may enjoy:

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