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25 Fun Valentine Crafts to do With Kids

25 Fun Valentine Crafts to do With Kids

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so it’s time to get out the scissors and glue! Here are 25 easy and fun Valentine crafts for kids that will help you enjoy Valentine’s Day with your little ones. These projects are perfect if you’re short on time or materials but still want to make something special this year.

25 Fun Valentines Crafts for Kids

It is a day when hearts start popping up everywhere and love is in the air. Even though valentine’s day is always filled with chocolates, roses, and romance but kids should not think that they can’t have fun on a special day.

25 Fun Valentines Crafts for Kids

You must also involve them too to celebrate this day of love. They can simply spend an entire afternoon crafting some fun DIY activities. Their classmates, grandpa, grandma, or teachers would definitely love them.

These easy Valentine’s day activities can be a whole love of fun. These simple, easy, and quick activities can help the parents to introduce their kids to the holiday in a loving and fun way.

Are you looking for some cute and simple Valentine’s day craft for your kids? Or you are looking for fun activities that are not going to break your bank. They are just easy, simple, and most importantly memorable for your kids.

It’s not just about the fun, we should not forget about the learning that is associated with Valentine’s day crafts. Putting letters and words on each of them have the potential of great learning for the pre-schoolers.

The best part? You can pull out this list any time of the year, when you want to show a little love.

A list of wonderful ideas has been shared below. These are brand new ideas for those who feel like showing some extra love on a special day.

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Kids love making and sharing Valentine creations with friends and families. We have curated as many as 25 craft ideas for kids which are fun and easy to do. These creative ideas will inspire the kids to make gifts for the loved ones this year.

  1. Valentine’s Day Suncatcher

The heart shaped suncatcher is fun and easy to make. The suncatchers look even more cheerful when the kids participate in the craft.

Learn how to make Valentine’s Day Suncatcher here

  • Melted Hearts Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are relaxing for everyone. The kids can do this craft on their own under adult supervision. It is a great craft where you can use the melted pony beads.

Learn how to make Melted Hearts Wind Chimes here

  • Heart Suncatchers

This Valentine’s Day craft is perfect for kids of all ages. These suncatchers are beautiful and vibrant and are easy to prepare.

Learn how to make Heart Suncatchers here

  • Blow Up My Heart Bubble Gum

You just need to make a short trip to your craft store to stock on supplies for this wonderful craft!

Learn about Blow Up My Heart Bubble Gum here

  • Valentines Monster

If you want to make learning about letters a fun activity for the preschoolers, then this Valentines Monster game is perfect for you. The kids will smile and giggle as they feed the monster with various letters and words.

Learn about the Valentines Monster game here

  • Color Words Valentine’s Day Printable

The color words printable are a great fun for the kids. They are free and easily printable. You can print the book in color for the younger kids.

Get the Color Words Valentine’s Day Printable here

  • Valentine’s Day Necklaces

The heart pendants are simple to make, and you can make an entire batch with the help of your kids. The young ones will love making them and you will love wearing them too!

Learn how to make Valentine’s Day Necklaces here

  • Heart Prints

It is a great Valentine’s Day art project for the preschoolers. The Heart crafts are an interesting project and perfect for occasions like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day.

Learn how to make Heart Prints here

  • Fizzing Hearts

The fizzing hearts activity will bring a smile on the face of your little one. The kids love any activity that has something fizzy, and this craft will be no exception.

Get your Fizzing Hearts activity here

  1. Lego Hearts

It is difficult to come up with a Valentine’s Day craft for a five-year old. But we recommend the LEGO Hearts as the kids will love them!

Learn how to make LEGO Hearts here

  1.  Crayons Hearts Sun Catchers

You can use crayon shavings to make beautiful heart shaped Sun Catchers. They are a perfect craft for the kids and can be made anytime of the year.

Learn how to make Crayons Hearts Sun Catchers here

  1.  Newspaper Hearts

This is an excellent craft wherein children can paint can on newspapers with palette colors and then cut them into heart shapes for use in Valentine’s Day cards.

Learn how to make Newspaper Hearts here

  1.  Dino-mite

The paper plate Valentine crafts are amazingly simple and cute looking, and the kids will love designing the dinosaurs with hearts and different shapes.

Learn how to make Dino-mite here

  1.  Wax Resist Valentines

The wax resist Valentine craft are perfect for preschoolers. It is an awesome craft that follows a simple concept and loved by everyone.

Learn how to make Wax Resist Valentines here

  1.  Squishy Heart

The squishy heart is a simple Valentine activity that the kids can make, and it facilitates great sensory and motor play.

Learn how to make Squishy Heart here

  1.  Light Up Valentines

It is the most interesting STEM activity for the kids which is a unique combination of a technology lesson and a science experiment.

Learn about the Light Up Valentines here

  1.  Heart Tube Stamping

It is a simple craft activity that can be taken up by the preschoolers and even the toddlers. It takes very little time, and you will only need cardboard tubes and painting color.

Learn about Heart Tube Stamping here

  1.  Low Prep Busy Bags

Although the success of this activity would largely depend on the individual skill level of the kids, it is a great craft that involves decent motor activities.

Know more about Low Prep Busy Bags here

  1.  Heart Chalk Stencil Art

The heart chalk stencil art is a popular Valentine Day craft for the kids. The kids love creating collages with the help of chalk and stencils.

Learn about the Heart Chalk Stencil Art here

  •  Clay Heart Ornaments

It is one of those activities which you can do with your kid and they will enjoy it. The clay heart ornaments would make great gifts for the Christmas or the Valentine’s Day.

Learn how to make Clay Heart Ornaments here

  •  Valentine’s Day Bird Feeder

The DIY Bird Feeders are a simple and cute craft that gives an opportunity to the little kids to interact with the feathered friends.

Learn how to make Valentine’s Day Bird Feeder here

  •  Q-Tip Heart Paintings

The Q-tip painted heart art is a fun craft for the kids. It is a great Valentine’s Day craft that can be enjoyed by the kids of all ages.

Learn about the Q-Tip Heart Paintings here

  •  Marbled Salt Dough

The best part about this craft is that all the ingredients are present right in the kitchen. You can make a bunch of ornaments and will loved by all.

Learn how to make Marbled Salt Dough here

  •  String Heart Art

If you are looking for a cute gift for your loved one or want to decorate the empty wall then the DIY String Heart Art is just perfect!

Learn how to make String Heart Art here

  •  Watercolor Marker Heart Doilies

The kids love making Valentine’s Day crafts and if have a few heart doilies at home, then just get on with this craft.

Learn about the Watercolor Marker Heart Doilies here

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