17 of the Best Easter Cupcakes Recipes To Try

17 of the Best Easter Cupcakes Recipes To Try

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Easter is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to start thinking about Easter cupcakes recipes! This year, why not try something a little different? We’ve gathered 17 of the best Easter cupcakes recipes from around the internet, so you can choose the perfect one for your Easter celebration. From a classic Easter flavor like carrot cake to more creative options like Bunny Bum or Easter Tomb decor, we have something for everyone. So get ready to get baking!

17 of the Best Easter Cupcakes Recipes

Do you love baking? Get ready for Easter baking with these delicious cupcake recipes. Here are some of the best cupcake ideas that can be enjoyed with your family and friends.

Resurrection Easter Cupcakes Recipes

Resurrection cupcakes are a fantastic way to celebrate Easter. The cupcake is decorated as a tomb, and these are not hard to make. You get to add donuts to a cupcake – how awesome is that?

Get the recipe for Resurrection Easter Cupcakes here

Peek a Boo Peeps Cupcake

The Peek a Boo Peeps Cupcake is a great addition to our Easter Cupcakes Recipes. If you have kids at home, they will love this Easter-inspired treat. There are so many different colors and flavors of Peeps that you could have a lot of fun with these.

Get the recipe for Peek a Boo Cupcakes here

Coconut Chick Cupcakes

When looking at Easter cupcake recipes, these are beyond easy and whimsical ones. Coconut chick cupcakes are a sweet little twist on traditional cakes, and they make for an excellent Easter recipe to be enjoyed with your loved ones. They are VERY easy to make and look impressive.

Get the recipe for Coconut Chick Cupcakes here

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Easter Egg Cupcakes

These Easter Egg cupcakes are kid-friendly and gluten-free. It is a simple recipe with frosting and sprinkles being used for decorating these mini treats. These would be perfect to make with little kids who have that short attention span.

Get the recipe for Easter Egg Cupcakes here

Easter cupcake recipes flower pot cupakes

Easter Chick Cupcakes

Easter Chick Cupcakes are bright and sweet and easily appeal to the kids. The recipe is so simple and easy that even the kids will help you in making these. The chicks can be made in advance and then added to the cupcakes at a later time.

Get the recipe for Easter Chick Cupcakes here

Easy Spring Garden Cupcake

Spring Garden cupcakes are a perfect treat for any garden party. I love the printable seed packet variety that they have here – just remember to NOT bake any cupcakes in a terra cotta pot. Many of them contain lead and will leach that into the recipe. You can make the cupcakes and then drop them, while in their paper cupcake liner, inside them for a cute presentation.

Get the recipe for Easy Spring Garden Cupcake here

Easter Bunny Carrot Cupcake

This awesome recipe will help you turn the traditional cupcake into a carrot patch for your kids. Your kids will enjoy decorating them.

Get the recipe for Easter Bunny Carrot Cupcake here

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Easter Cadbury Eggs Chocolate Cupcakes

Cadbury Eggs Chocolate cupcakes will surely leave everyone asking for more of these delicious treats. You can Cadbury Eggs Chocolate cupcakes will surely leave everyone asking for more of these delicious treats.

You don’t see it until you actually bite into these decadent treats – as the Cadbury eggs are buried under a layer of chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream frosting.

Get the recipe for Easter Cadbury Eggs Chocolate Cupcakes here

Bunny Bum Cupcakes

The delicious and adorable Bunny Bum cupcakes are a perfect treat for Easter, and they are easy to prepare. The cupcakes look extremely cute, and they are a huge hit among the kids in the holiday season.

Get the recipe for Bunny Bum Cupcakes here

Cute and Easy Bunny Cupcakes

These easy bunny cupcakes are perfect for any kid’s birthday party or Easter, and you would only need a few simple ingredients. You would need white frosting, cupcakes, and large marshmallows for this delicious treat.

Get the recipe for Cute and Easy Bunny Cupcakes here

Easter Lamb Cupcakes

Easter lamb cupcakes are easy to prepare, super adorable, and popular with the younger members of the family. You can serve them as desserts for Easter or I see them as a perfect treat for any baby shower!

Get the recipe for Easter Lamb Cupcakes here

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Cadbury Egg Cupcakes

These are similar to the chocolate ones we already talked about – the Cadbury eggs are baked inside the cupcakes. You frost them, then dip the frosting into chocolate for a killer and simple presentation. Yum!

Get the recipe for Cadbury Egg Cupcakes here

Easter Egg Coconut Cupcakes

Easter egg coconut cupcakes are a perfect sweet ending for your Easter celebration. These resemble a nest with green-tinted coconut and house malted milk eggs. Simple, yet elegant.

Get the recipe for Easter Egg Coconut Cupcakes here

Easter Chick Cupcakes

These Easter Chick cupcakes are a quick Easter dessert that is a creative use of frosting for that whimsical design.

Get the recipe for Easter Chick Cupcakes here

carrot patch cupcakes

Cadbury Egg Cupcakes

Cupcakes and Cadbury eggs are two delicious things that are combined to form this wonderful for your perfect Easter. This is one variation where the decadent eggs sit atop the frosting to tempt your eaters! It makes for a great Easter cupcake recipes option.

Get the recipe for Cadbury Egg Cupcakes here

Pineapple Carrot Cupcakes

These carrot cake cupcakes are full of flavor and come with a pineapple cream cheese frosting. It is a simple recipe that requires no extravagant decorations.

Get the recipe for Pineapple Carrot Cake Cupcakes here

Butterfly Cupcakes

Often called Fairy Cupcakes, butterfly cupcakes are a quintessential treat that is served at many birthday parties. Butterflies are a symbol of spring. By whatever name you call it, they are tasty and a favorite among both adults and kids.

Get the recipe for Butterfly Cupcakes here


Easter Cupcake Toppers

Don’t have time for any kind of fancy cupcake decorating? In a pinch where you don’t even have enough time to bake or frost them? Pick up even store-bought cupcakes and use these simple toppers to transform them into a festive treat.

All you need to do is print them off and tape them to a toothpick – then pop them into those cupcakes and you are all set!

Get the Easter Cupcake Toppers here

Where do you start with our Easter cupcake recipes?

With all of the fun ideas we shared, how do you choose which Easter cupcakes recipes to make? It might be difficult, but we think that they are all winners – it really depends on you!

Happy Easter!

17 of the Best Easter Cupcakes: From Funky to Festive


Q: The cupcakes are too dry, what can I do?

A: If your cupcakes are too dry, you can try adding an extra egg or another tablespoon of oil to the recipe. You can also increase the baking time by a few minutes if needed.

Q: Can I make these ahead of time?

A: Yes, you can make these cupcakes ahead of time. Just be sure to store them in an airtight container and they will stay fresh for up to two days. Try to hold off decorating them as long as you can

Q: Can I use a different type of chocolate?

A: Yes, you can use any type of chocolate that you like for this recipe. Just be sure to adjust the quantities as needed.

Q: Can I use a boxed cake mix?

A: Yes, if you don’t want to make them from scratch try grabbing a box of cake mix for simplicity.

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