10 Things Not to Buy on Black Friday

10 Things Not to Buy on Black Friday

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We know it gets exciting to pour over all of the Black Friday ads and make a list of everything that tempts you. Remember, everything on those glossy papers are for sale, but not necessarily ON sale.

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Black Friday, or should I say Black Thursday most of the time now, is that one event so many people look forward to each year, and whatever comes with it, people don’t even mind as long as they get what they want. Is it worth it to go through all that stress which may end up in you getting hurt? Not so much if you are buying things that aren’t that great a bargain. The yearly event sees millions of people sleeping outside the door of stores to get in as soon as those doors open. The stampede, the rush, the shoving, and more is nothing for those who are on a mission to get that item they have their eyes and hearts set upon.

Reports have shown that people even fly in from other countries to the United States as they believe they have a chance to get better deals than their home country. It has become a worldwide event, and though some countries try, they are not as powerful as the US and Canada for corraling the shoppers and getting them into the doors with special enticements.

With the season fast approaching for all that crazy shopping, there are a few items that you do NOT want to purchase if you are looking for the best deals. It may seem weird as some of the things we are going to discuss are usually popular ad items. But as you make plans, here are a few things to cross off the list you have made.

10 Things Not to Buy on Black Friday

1. Low-priced or Doorbuster Laptops or Televisions
Watching a few past videos of what the big day is like will see many people going out to grab items such as TVs and laptops. These claim to be at an incredible bargain price. Keep in mind that everything you see isn’t the best buy. In the long run, it becomes apparent. These devices generally come with fewer features than the ones you might have compared them against without the sale. They tend to have a tricky warranty, seeing as the prices were slashed. Also, these types of devices are in low stock, so returns and/or exchanges are not always viable should you change your mind.

2. Furniture
Bear in mind many furniture stores have yearly sales and discounts, so waiting out for these would be better than fighting and getting hurt over a side table. Yes, it’s the excitement and the rush and maybe the extra $10 off than the normal monthly discounts, but overall? These are generally big-ticket purchases. Traditionally, the best time for this kind of investment is after the holidays, in January. Everyone is focused on getting organized as part of their New Year’s resolutions, so furniture becomes a great thought. After Christmas, they want to clear the inventory as the new styles are usually released in February. Even better? July! You don’t have to fight the snowy weather and discounts go up with the summer sales slowdown.

3. Holiday Decor
It may be best you wait until Christmas for this one as sometimes the Black Friday event is designed to get rid of the worn-out stock from last year. They need to get the space for the Christmas season fill-in. So, waiting for another one to two weeks may work out as a better deal for you or even after the holidays as the prices would be slashed dramatically!

10 Things Not to Buy on Black Friday matresses

4. Mattresses
Just like furniture, household items during Black Friday purchases are often regretted. Many people are not aware of warranty slight changes and the fine print gets overlooked because of the supposedly “low prices”. Don’t get trapped, especially when it comes to mattress purchases as you will have it for at least ten years! New models are rolled out usually starting in June, so May is the month to start looking for a new mattresss.

5. Clothing
Generally speaking, clothes are a big no-no for Black Friday and even the Christmas holiday that follows after. The prices are not rock bottom, new styles have recently been released, two to three weeks before the big event? There is often a slight price increase and as soon as the “discount” is added, it naturally goes back to the general price you were trying to avoid. Also, clothes normally fall in the “wear & tear” category to rid for new stock intake for the Christmas season. The only exception I can recall was in 2008. There was a recession and clothes were what most major retailers focused on over the TVs and Dvd players.

6. Jewelry
With a mark up of over 70%, pieces of jewelry don’t often go on sale and Black Friday is no exception. Have you ever noticed that necklace you so desire to have gone up by 10% a month or two before Black Friday? Well, this is the deal on all jewelry so when it looks too good to be true..then it is! It is best to wait until December and if you can even hang on a little longer until after the holidays, it can go down…and for real this time!

cruise photo

7. Travel Packages
While it might be fun to plan a Disney Cruise for the family, this isn’t the time to shop for deals. Whether they are for cruises or airfare…they have limitations and could end up costing you more than you planned for! Deals are a good thing especially when it comes to travel but as it relates to Black Friday? There is a major drawback. When you are ready to travel and notice you have to take your own bed or chair? Then you will see what we mean.

8. Gift Cards
These work better during the Christmas or after the holidays instead of on this “sale event”. You may not get so much to choose from and may end up taking what you don’t want. Pass up on these and wait a little longer – you might even get some bonuses if you do! Many places are better to shop from directly for their add on bonuses – especially the restaurants. They often give you $5 to $10 bonus cards for each $25 increment you purchase.

9. The Hottest Toys
All we have to say is wait! Better deals and a wider variety may be available to you closer to Christmas. So waiting out a few extra weeks will give you more value for your money…unless you are looking for the $3 Ants in the Pants game or a $5 Barbie.


10. Calendars and Collectibles
These go for way cheaper in January and the price you pay during Black Friday can give you an extra two or three if you simply wait it out. Anything with a date becomes instant discount clearance the closer they get to the holiday and panic that they will be stuck with. It’s not like they can box them up and sell them at full price next year. I have gotten lucky before with dated Nutcrackers that I could easily paint over the date section and they were 90% off!

We did tell you that some of the items may be essential on your must-get list but in fact, waiting out may be a better option for your finances. Ever thought of that? Well, now you know the trick…beat them at their game!

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