10 Great Ways to Use Dryer Sheets

10 Great Ways to Use Dryer Sheets

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Many households use dryer sheets regularly in their laundry. But are you aware that the dryer sheets can be put to more than one use? You can always look for possible ways to reuse these used dryer sheets. Not many people know that dryer sheets have a lot of use around the home than just being put into the dryer.

ways to use dryer sheets

If you are interested in using the dryer sheet for other purposes, then keep reading this article as we are about to divulge as many as ten clever ways to use the dryer sheets outside the laundry room!

10 Clever Ways to Use Dryer Sheets Outside the Laundry Room

Pet Hair Grabber

If you have pets at home, then the most common problem that you might be facing is the stubborn pet hair on your clothing and the sofa. There are lint rollers available in the market which come cheap but do not do the job correctly. Well, you can save some cash if you switch to dryer sheets for cleaning off pet hairs. Just rub a fresh cloth against your clothes and the upholstered furniture, and the cleaning will be done. It was successful every time we used it!

Use it as a shoe freshener

Do you have stinky feet? Does the odor make you feel embarrassed? You need to let your shoes breathe so that no odors build up. One way of taking care of your stinky feet is by putting the dryer sheets inside the shoes while they are in the closet. Do remember that the laundry dryer sheets are pretty big, and you need to cut them so that you can use it as a shoe freshener.

Use it for an excellent drawer scent

Your bedroom will have multiple drawers – maybe in your bedside table or even your dresser. If the inside of the drawers is giving out a musky smell, then you can place a dryer sheet inside the drawers. These laundry sheets will release a fresh wave of scent and will get rid of the musty odors that have been troubling you for such a long time.

10 great ways to use dryer sheets

Car air freshener

We have all used car air fresheners at some point in time, but are they helpful in getting rid of the bad odor? Some of these fresheners are very expensive, and to make things worse; they do not even last long. So the money spent on this is wasted. So if you are looking to freshen up the car air, then do not buy these fresheners; instead, just put a dryer sheet inside the car, and it will release a fresh scent.

Trash can deodorizer

Trash cans generally create a core sight in every household, but what makes matters worse is that they emit a terrible smell. If you want to keep out these odors so that it does ruin the natural scent in the home, then you must place dryers sheets right at the bottom of the trash can. They work wonders, and you will find that the foul odor is missing from your home in no time.

Use them as a dust cloth

Dusting is not much fun. The dust particles have a habit of flying from one area and landing in another location. The dryer sheets come in very handy in this case; when you use them as dust cloth, they will pull out the dust from the area where it was rubbed, and this material has a slim chance of attracting new dust particles.

10 great ways to use dryer sheets

Helps to ward off mosquitoes

Do you have a mosquito problem in your home? Then you will be happy to know that the dryer sheets emit a particular scent that is detested by the mosquitoes. So if the mosquitoes are annoying you, then you may put a bunch of dryer sheets in your trouser pockets or tie them around the belt loop to keep them away from coming close to you.

Removes the crayon marks from walls

Do you have kids at home? Did the little one color one side of your wall? Well, there is no need to get angry, thinking that the wall is ruined forever. Just pull one dryer sheet and rub it on the wall to remove the crayon marks from the wall.

Winterize camper

If you own a camper, then you should know that you will have to winterize it. The main motive is to get rid of the critters who are probably thinking of taking over the camper and making it their home. But there is an easy solution to this. You can place the dryer sheets inside the camper to keep the pests away.

Freshen up the sleeping bag

Sleeping bags are an integral part of every camping trip. So each time you pack up your bag, you must keep a fresh dryer sheet inside it. It will help to keep away all kinds of critters from the sleeping bag, and the inside will be clean and odor-free.

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