10 One-Minute Tasks for an Always Clean House

10 One-Minute Tasks for an Always Clean House

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If you sit down and start listing everything that needs to be cleaned or organized in your home, then it is going to be a pretty long list! And, to make matters worse, when you read that list, you will feel discouraged as you will not have enough time to complete all the tasks for a clean house. But all lists are a bit misleading as they do not reflect the amount of time that it will take for each job. There are a few tasks that take about just a minute to get it over with. Here we will discuss 10 One minute tasks that will help to keep your home nice and clean.

10 One-Minute Tasks for an Always Clean Home

10 One-Minute Tasks for an Always Clean House

While this isn’t a clean house checklist, these clean house tips will help you clean house fast!

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Load the dishwasher

Yes, you read it right. People often think that unloading dishes is very important, forgetting the simple fact that loading a dishwasher helps to clean up your home. You can integrate this task into the mealtime routine. Teach the younger children to put the dishes in the sink, and if you have older children, then they can load the dishes into the dishwasher on their own. One can pack a lot of items into the dishwasher in just a minute!

Vacuum your room

It is simply not possible to vacuum the whole house in a minute, but you can at least vacuum the living room and make it look nice and clean. When you vacuum the living room, you can pick up small dirt and small paper from the floor.

Sweep the entryway

It is essential to clean your entryway of the house so that the visitors get an excellent first impression. You can hang up the coats and hats, put away the discarded shoes and sweep away any stubborn dirt that has got lodged in the entryway.

10 One-Minute Tasks for an Always Clean House

Pick up clothes

If you have kids at home, then there is a high chance that some clothes are lying on the floors or the bed. Picking up clothes from different locations inside the house and putting them away is not an arduous task.

Change towels in bathrooms

The bathroom towels harbor millions of germs. However, that does not mean you should use paper towels! Daily use of paper towels are not recommended as they are costly and not good for the environment too. So the bathroom towels need to be changed daily, and this can be done in just a minute.

Clear the flat surfaces

The flat surfaces in the home tend to accumulate a lot of clutter. It is challenging to clear the flat surfaces for good. But we can surely clean a little and make the surfaces look better. De-cluttering the flat surfaces is not a difficult task. Just remove the things that are there and place them in their proper places. You can throw away those things which are not needed anymore, and this will make de-cluttering a bit easier.

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Make the bed

Soothing out the blankets and the bedsheets only take a few seconds, but it does make a lot of difference to your room. The regular and straightforward act of making your bed can make the whole room look beautiful, clean, and tidy. It also makes a huge difference when you are getting into bed at night. After all, the very prospect of a clean bed with smooth sheets and blankets looks so enticing.

Empty the garbage

You can empty the garbage and put a new trash bag inside the can in just a minute. The home looks much better when there is no overflowing pile of trash. The trick is to keep a few spare garbage bags at the bottom of the trash can; as soon as you pull out one trash-filled bag, you can replace it with an empty one.

Pick up the toys

When your little ones are playing with figurines and multi-piece toys like Lego, It is better to lay out a blanket so that the child plays on that. When it is time to clean up, you can bring the four ends of the bed sheet together and put the toys back into the storage basket. This step helps to clean the toys in 1 min and also defines a specific play area of the child.

Sort the mail

You must be receiving mail every day and end up keeping them on one side of the work table. In this way, within 3 – 4 days, you will end up with tons of mail and papers. The best strategy to deal with this is to sort the mail as per the recipient and put it away in the drawer.

All all of these on minute cleaning tasks together and you have a house that always appears clean. Who cares if a family member or friend shows up suddenly? You certainly wont!

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