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10 Great Ways to Make Cold Lunch More Fun

10 Great Ways to Make Cold Lunch More Fun

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If your child doesn’t like hot lunch from school or you’d just rather provide a meal you know they’ll enjoy then this post is for you! Instead of packing the same boring peanut butter and jelly day after day taking a few minutes to make a fun lunch can become the highlight of your child’s day. Not to mention it may also help make sure they’re eating the healthy snacks you’ve tucked inside with our 10 great ways to make cold lunch more fun.

10 Great Ways to Make Cold Lunch More Fun

Ask your child what they want in their lunch bag.
The best way to make sure they eat their lunch is to make sure they have at least one thing inside they want. If the only requests are junk food you’ll want to limit the amount they’re given but a small treat is ok.

Get a fun lunchbox!
Kids love being able to choose their own backpacks and lunch bags so let them make the choice. They’ll look forward to opening it and seeing what is inside! See some great ideas here

Use small containers or bags.
Bento boxes have become a popular trend in lunch preparation and kids like it too. The small sizes can also help with eating appropriate portions. Check out these we found here

Be sure to pick up a few extra small containers for dips.
It goes without saying that if foods can be dipped in something they’re more likely to be eaten. Ranch dip for veggies, caramel or apples, or BBQ sauce for chicken are just a few ideas.

Cut things up.
Pick up some fun cookie cutters to cut out sandwiches. Try cutting carrots into rings instead of sticks, or come up with other creative ways to present food. Your child will have a smile on their face when seeing this and be more likely to dig in as well!

Roll it up.
Instead of a regular sandwich why not try sandwich roll ups. You can prepare them in tortillas or simply flatten sliced bread with a rolling pin. Spread with a condiment or two, add your meat and vegetables and roll tightly. Slice into pinwheels and arrange in a box.

Get a cold pack.
Storage is always an issue especially if your child has a long day from the time they leave the house until lunch. Instead of avoiding cold foods completely, get a cold pack or two to help. You can also freeze juice boxes and use them to help regulate food temperature, plus they’ll be thawed and chilled by lunch time.

Stick in a note.
Of course if you have a 12 year old son a mushy love note from mom might not be the ticket but a short note to let them know you’re thinking of them or a note of encouragement if they have a big test that day can make a big impact.

Special occasion?
Share it in their lunch box! Pack a surprise treat for birthdays or add in a themed treat for different holidays. Younger kids especially will love this.

Get them involved.
If you have older kids they can help prepare lunches as well. Give them some choice over what they will eat and let them put their lunch together the night before school. Not only will they be more likely to eat the food but you’re creating more independence as well!

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