10 Fun Hot Dog Recipes

10 Fun Hot Dog Recipes

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Summer means picnics, cook outs and pool parties! Hot dogs seem to be a natural part of that, at least in our family. Here is a quick roundup of 10 fun hot dog recipes:

hot dog recipes

10 Fun Hot Dog Recipes

Summer means picnics, cook outs and pool parties! Hot dogs seem to be a natural part of that, at least in our family. Here is a quick roundup of 10+ fun hot dog recipes:

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Let’s start with my own Chili Dog Casserole: it is a crowd please

  1. Chili Dog Casserole

The 4 Ingredient chili dog casserole is a fun and delicious twist on a old classic dish. It is a very easy and quick dish with hot dogs, beans and chili. Since it is a salty dish, you can complement this dish with fruit salad or coleslaw.

Get your recipe of Chili Dog Casserole here

  1. Crescent Roll Hot Dog

These appetizers look very simple but once you bit into it, you will understand how delicious it is. I love this recipe and I always use it for house parties or for preparing my daughter’s dinner. This is a great dish for having all sorts of veggies and proteins in one place.

Get your recipe for Crescent Roll Hot Dog here

  1. Mummified Hot Dogs

Mummy has always played a major part in horror stories in Western cultures but you will get a different kind of thrill when you literally mummify hot dogs. It is a slightly difficult recipe and don’t be afraid of goof-ups. Just remember that history says mummies were never wrapped in a perfect manner and so your hot dogs need not be wrapped up perfectly.

Get your recipe of Mummified Hot Dogs here

  1. Silly Hot Dogs

The dish has been named this way because the recipe is very simple and can be completed in just 4 simple steps. I have tried to come up with different names for this creation but I guess this one just stuck.

Get your recipe of Silly Hot Dogs here

  1. Pretzel Hot Dogs

I always told my husband that I could probably eat hot dogs every day till I die as I love it so much. Now if you wrap up that hot dog with one of my other favorite – pretzel, I will probably die earlier! Now,on a more serious note, the unique combination of hot dog and soft pretzel is loved by kids and adults alike.

Get your recipe of Pretzel Hot Dogs here

  1. Bacon Fried Hot Dogs

Hot dogs wrapped in bacon are an old-time favorite. They are easy to make at home and you can serve this as evening treats or simply as an appetizer. I first heard about this recipe from my grandmother and I have prepared this a lot of times as my family loves it a lot.

Get your recipe of Bacon Fried Hot Dogs here

  1. Loaded Chili Dogs

Hot dogs taste really good with yellow mustard but you should try this recipe at least once as it has a totally different taste. My husband loves this dish a lot and always requests me to prepare it during parties and get-together.

Get your recipe of Loaded Chili Dogs here

  1. Corn Dog Dressing

If your kids do not like celery then you can whip up this recipe to make them fall in love with it. The corn dog dressing is slightly sweet and has a savory taste too.

Get your recipe of Corn Dog Dressing here

  1. Cheddar Cornbread Dogs

The cheddar cornbread dogs are a just perfect as lunch time snacks for your kids when they go to school. It is just too easy to make and will take a few minutes. The little ones will surely thank you for this dish.

Get your recipe of Cheddar Cornbread Dogs here

  1. Tex Mex Hot Dogs

The weather is just fine to fire up the grill and put in a few hot dogs. The smell of the grill and the hot dogs will surely excite everyone. The hot dogs are spicy and fresh and everyone will like it.

Get your recipe of Tex Mex Hot Dogs here

Other fun recipes: