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10 Fabulous and Free Field Trips for Homeschoolers

10 Fabulous and Free Field Trips for Homeschoolers

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10 Fabulous and Free Field Trips for Homeschoolers

If you are a homeschooling mom looking for some fun, fabulous, and free field trips to take your child to or you are looking for some enrichment activities to do on the weekends or over the summer I have compiled a list of 10 activities that you can find right in your own neighborhood or at least very close by. For little more than the cost of gas you can have an educational and entertaining field trip.

A few tips before you head out:

  • Call ahead and check to see the hours, and if they are open to public.
  • If you have to travel a bit to get to these places, consider packing a lunch to keep your out of pocket expense as low as possible.
  • Print out this field trip log, so your child can document their trip.
  • Charge up your camera batteries or put fresh ones in
  • Dress appropriately- you don’t want to be in open toed shoes for a visit to the farm.
  • Start early so everyone is bright eyed and bushy tailed, cranky kids + free fun still don’t mix.
  1. Post Office– Our local post office will schedule tours ahead of time and will show you the various areas like mail drops, conveyor belts and trucks.  Drop a letter off to Grandma or a friend while you are there.
  2. Library– Take a tour of the library to show your child the various sections of a library; fiction, non fiction, reference, children’s, circulation desk, book return. You can probably even schedule a tour just before or just after story time to enhance the trip even more.
  3. Fire Station– We have done this several times, the fire fighters are always welcoming and more than happy to show you around. A great way for kids to see trucks up close and how our hero’s live when they are on duty.
  4. Police Station- Most kids love the opportunity to talk to an officer and look at a cruiser up close.
  5. Factory– Call various food factories in your area and ask if they offer tours. Many do and can be a great way to get a closer look at machinery and the assembly line process.
  6. Farm– Be it a dairy farm, strawberry farm, or one with tons of animals this is a fun  trip for you both.  Check to see if you have a farm with crops that offers a u-pick option. Especially for kids who don’t normally have first hand access to farm experiences this can be eye opening.
  7. Pet Store- Pet stores open great dialogue for pet care, pet habitats, and types of food they eat.  For math, writing, and a practical life skills lesson- Have your child pick a pet, list all the supplies they would need to purchase for pet, and add them up.
  8. Historical Landmark– Most are free to the public.  Check out a neighboring battlefield, railroad depot, or historic home. Make a lesson around it to enrich the learning experience. National Register of Historic Places
  9. City Hall- This is a great opportunity for your child to see where a lot of government processes take place. Discuss what is available and what branches of government are housed there- city council members, the mayor, and sometimes police. Visit with one of them if they allow it.
  10. Local state park– Make a plan before going, print out pictures of your state bird, state tree, animal, etc..  What a fun scavenger hunt that would make.  See if you can identify all of them on your walk. Turn it into a fishing trip while your there. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, and bug spray!

Get your field trip log here: fieldtriplog


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