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10 Amazing Backyard Summer Activities

10 Amazing Backyard Summer Activities

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10 Amazing Backyard Summer Activities

10 Amazing Backyard Summer Activities

Summer memories are made on vacation, but there’s something special about just being at home and spending time with family and friends. But forget the typical BBQ and pool party—this summer, spice things up with these 10 amazing backyard activities. They’re sure to get your friends talking and make some great memories.

  1. Giant Jenga. Turn a classic indoor game into a huge outdoor version by cutting 2×4 boards into matching lengths and stacking them. Try to wiggle boards out of the middle of the tower without it falling on everyone. Giant Jenga definitely has more risk than normal Jenga and can be played on a patio or picnic table for hours of fun.
  2. Movie theater. Turn your backyard into a movie theater by showing your favorite film using a projector on a sheet or inflatable screen. Set the mood with string lights, comfortable lawn chairs or mattresses, and lots of snacks.
  3. Balloon dartboard. Bring the carnival feel to your backyard with this classic game. Simply blow up balloons and staple them to a large board and have fun trying to pop the balloons with darts. For added fun, fill the balloons with water or paint.
  4. Jumbo Ker-Plunk. The game you knew as a kid is back and bigger than ever! To build it, simply create a cylinder of chicken wire and crisscross poles or large sticks through the bottom. Fill the top with plastic balls and enjoy removing poles until the balls fall down.
  5. Giant bubble. Make a huge bubble to play in by taping together two big pieces of plastic sheeting and using a fan to inflate the bubble. It’s the perfect place for kids and adults to play games, roll balls, or just explore.
  6. Mini golf course. Bring the golf course home by getting creative with your own DIY course. Use pool noodles, race car tracks, pipes, or anything else you have on hand to create the most unique course your neighborhood has ever seen.
  7. Pool stargazing. Lying in the pool and looking at the stars is a great way to spend a summer night. If you have a pool, just spread out on your favorite floatie. If you’re pool-less, fill an inflatable pool with sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets for a soft and cozy stargazing location.
  8. Outdoor Twister. Summer grass is the perfect place for a huge game of Twister. Simply re-create the board with spray paint colored circles on the grass and a spinner. The best part is that you can make the board as large as you want, so everyone can join.
  9. Angry Birds. Bring the popular game to life by stacking boxes, boards, and giant balls together and trying to knock them over by swinging a large inflatable ball or slingshot. You can even create characters and special powers to make the game more authentic.
  10. Giant water blob. Kids of all ages will love playing on a gushy water blob, made by using heavy-duty tape to connect two heavy plastic sheeting pieces and filling it with water before sealing it. It’s sure to provide hours of fun!

It doesn’t take much to turn an average backyard into the perfect summer destination. What are some of your favorite at-home summer activities?

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