Wraps Kids Will Love

Wraps Kids Will Love

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If you want to make your child a lunch that is yummy, but not another boring sandwich, a wrap is a great alternative. You can reduce the carbs by using a lettuce leaf or low-carb tortilla for the wrap, plus it can be filled with just about any ingredients you want. Here are some kid-friendly wraps to consider making.

Peanut Butter, Jelly, and Banana

This is a wrap that isn’t too different from your kids’ favorite PB&J, though it has a little extra nutrition. You can use any type of tortilla you like, whether it is a regular flour or tortilla or a low-carb version. You can spread some peanut butter on the inside, add some sugar-free jelly or jam, then add sliced banana. Roll it up, and it’s good to go! This is very delicious and when you use homemade jelly with no sugar added and sliced banana, it adds some nutritious without the added sugar.

Put Leftovers in a Tortilla

You can make what is sometimes called a ‘trash burrito’ or ‘trash wrap’ where you essentially just using all of the leftovers in the fridge, or the ‘trash’ to create a lunch. Perhaps over the last few days, you have accumulated leftovers like some shredded chicken, mixture of arugula and spinach greens, a carrot, and some cheese. You can shred the carrot, tear the lettuce into smaller pieces, then add all of the ingredients inside a tortilla and put it in your kids lunches.

Make a Chef’s Salad Wrap

A wrap can also contain ingredients that would have gone in a salad, but you put in a tortilla instead. Kids don’t always want to eat salad for lunch, or it might be a little too difficult for them to put it together and eat it in the cafeteria with their friends. It can be more convenient to put the ingredients of a salad inside a tortilla as a wrap. For example, for a chef’s salad wrap, you might include lettuce, tomato, cheese, different luncheon meats, and pieces of hardboiled egg.

Egg Avocado Wrap

Also consider putting together a breakfast-style wrap with a spinach tortilla and breakfast items inside. Try scrambled eggs, shredded cheddar cheese, sliced avocado, and either some tomato or a nice salsa. This is really nutritious, fun to eat, and very delicious. You can also include any other veggies inside that your kids enjoy eating, such as bell peppers, onions, or even some asparagus.