Whimsical Snowman Ding Dongs

Whimsical Snowman Ding Dongs

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Hi, My name is Dannelle and I live in Wisconsin because it snows eight months of the year.

OK, not REALLY, but we can get our first flake in September and have had snow in May. That being said, these Whimsical Snowman Ding Dongs are cool to whip up most of the year here.

Whimsical Snowman Ding Dongs

You will need:

1 package of white hostess ding dongs
3 egg whites
2 C powder sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp cream of tarter
Black, sky blue, red and orange gel food coloring
4 disposable piping bags with a number 2 tip
1 squeeze bottle
Wilton Christmas holly sprinkles
Wilton Christmas snowflake sprinkles



Unwrap the ding dongs and place them on a wax covered baking sheet

Using a standing mixer, combine the egg whites, powder sugar, vanilla, and cream of tarter and mix until stiff peaks form. Split the icing into four bowls

Add a little bit of food coloring into each bowl. One color per bowl.

Scoop the red, black, and orange frosting into 3 piping bags and set aside

Scoop a little bit of the blue frosting into the last piping bag

Add 1 tsp of water into the blue frosting bowl and mix until combined. Frosting may be a tad bit runny which is what you want!

Pour the blue frosting into the squeeze bottle

Using the blue piping bag, pipe a line around 1/4 of the top of the ding dong for the snowmans hat

Fill in the blue lines with the thinned blue frosting

Using the black frosting, pipe dots for his eyes, and mouth

Using the orange frosting, pipe on his nose.

Let sit to dry for about 20 minutes before adding the sprinkles

Using tweezers or your fingers, place two holly sprinkles onto the left corner of his hat

Place a snowflake sprinkle into the top middle part of his hat

Using the red frosting, pipe in 3 dots under the holly sprinkles to make the berries on the holly.

Let ding dongs completely dry for about 1 hour before enjoying!

Makes 12

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