Ways To Stay Cool This Summer With Out A/C

Ways To Stay Cool This Summer With Out A/C

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The heat of summer is here and depending on where you live, the heat can be absolutely brutal. Air conditioning may seem like a necessity but unfortunately it is simply considered a luxury and not everyone is lucky enough to have that luxury. I have personally experienced this and sometimes it feels like you are not going to survive the dreadful heat without the comfort of air conditioning. If you’re stuck without the A/C this Summer, use these tips on ways to stay cool to make it a bit more bearable.

Ways to stay cool this summer without A/C:

Dress Light:
When it is so hot and miserable outside, I recommend wearing as little clothes as you can while still being covered up of course. Try to stick to shorts and light-weight materials such as nylon and cotton. I personally pretty much live in athletic shorts during the summer because they are much more comfortable and lightweight than jean shorts.
Stay Hydrated:
The last thing you will want to do in the Summer is get dehydrated. Make sure you are drinking PLENTY of water every single day and especially if you will be outdoors a lot. It is really dangerous to not stay hydrated and you can begin to feel sick, dizzy, and you can actually pass out and in serious cases have to be hospitalized.
Circulate Air in Your Home:
If you’re not going to be using an air conditioner in your home, you will need to circulate the air in your home because this will make your house much cooler than a sit still air. I recommend getting the fans that go into the windows of your home because they will help to circulate the air in your home as well as the air from outside. Also turn on any ceiling fans you may have in the home for extra help in this department.
Cooling Pads:
There are some really awesome cooling pads that you can purchase for a fairly decent price on amazon. All you do is simply put this on your bed and when you go to sleep at night you won’t be uncomfortable. The cooling pads really cool you down in an instant. You can also find smaller pads that you can simply put on your neck or back when you are feeling hot as well throughout the day.
Summer can be really hard to get through in the extreme temperatures, but using these few tips should make things a bit more bearable. Just remember before long it will cooling temperatures, the extreme heat doesn’t last forever.