Ways To Beat The Heat Without High Utility Bills

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This summer the heat has already hit with full force and we are all scrambling to find ways to beat the heat without high utility bills. Other than moving to a cooler climate immediately, most of us have to find a functional way to cope with the heat and hope we can keep the bills to a minimum. Here are some classic ways with a few fun new ideas thrown into the mix.

Ways To Beat The Heat Without High Utility Bills

Use fans. From box fans to ceiling fans the act of circulating air inside your home will help keep you cooler. While the temperature may not change, it will help your body to feel less of the heat. Increase our thermostat by a few degrees and turn on the fans. They use much less energy and resources to operate than your central air conditioning unit will.

Tint your windows. Windows without curtains or blinds are notorious for letting the heat beat into your home and making it hotter in the summer months. Our solution is to use proper window coverings everywhere, or look into adding tint to your windows. Not only will it be harder for neighbors to peak into your home, it will cut back on your cooling expenses tons.

Stop using the oven. Even if you are desperate for a cake, just say no. The oven can heat up your kitchen drastically and fast. This means your air conditioning unit will have to compensate for that heat and kick on. Instead use your Crockpot for everything from cakes and cobblers to your favorite casseroles. Skip the cakes and cookies and have ice cream instead!

Wear lighter layers. At home you can get away with lighter layers. Wear shorts and a bathing suit top, or simple tank tops and lightweight sun dresses. Don’t dress in layers at home when the temperatures are high.

Increase insulation in your attic. This is one fairly simple home repair or DIY project you can tackle on a weekend. It may cost a few hundred dollars (or more depending on square footage), but adding insulation to your attic can make a huge difference in utility costs.

Use a programmable thermostat. If you work away from home during the day, you can easily keep your thermostat set a bit higher. Using a programmable thermostat will set it to turn down and cool off your home about an hour before you are set to arrive. It can also be scheduled to keep the thermostat higher in the evenings, overnight and early mornings when temperatures are at their lowest of the day.

Go to the library. When the summer heat is getting to you and you just don’t want to turn down the thermostat anymore, take advantage of public places that tend to keep things cooler. The local public library or kids museum are great choices and tons of fun. Sometimes you just have to use alternate resources around you to keep your family cool and having fun in the summer.

Play in water outside. Set up a kiddie pool or sprinklers in your back yard and have fun cooling off in the water for a few hours. If you have a community pool or lake nearby, you can head out to enjoy that instead.

Learning to beat the heat without high utility bills in the summer is all about alternate ways to cool yourself off. Take advantage of fun in the water, cooler clothing and fans to keep you comfortable and your budget in tact this summer.


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