Ultimate List Of Survival Tools & Emergency Prep Items

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Survival Tools and Emergency Prep Items are a must for many.  Whether you are preparing for the occasional state of emergency that comes with severe weather, or you are in the category of long-term preppers these tips are great.  Being able to prepare to protect and provide for your family no matter what happens is a great tool we all need.  These posts are going to give you a great beginning.

Don't miss the Ultimate List of Survival Tools & Emergency Prep Items you need for your Bug out Bag!  These tips will help emergency preppers succeed!

Ultimate List of Survival Tools & Emergency Prep Items

What is a Bug Out Location and Why You Need One?  Answer the question everyone asks when they hear the words “bug out”!  This will help you understand more about what an emergency prepper needs and does.

How to Build a Bug Out Bag: This list of tips is shared from the point of view of someone who has built many bug out bags for use in that just in case instance.  A bug out bag is a must, and we share how to create your own.

Emergency Prep Bug Out Bags:  In one of our first posts about emergency prepping, this helps you to know what survival tools we personally keep in our bug out bags and why we keep them.

How to Properly Store Water:  Water is life and in an emergency situation it can be the one thing you need the most.  We share how to properly store water to have on hand in an emergency.

Emergency Prep Water: This post shares all about how to recognize signs of dehydration and why you need to have a prep of water on hand.  This goes perfectly with the above post showing you how to store water safely.

8 Must Have Supplies for Canning Your Own Food:  One major method of having enough food on hand in an emergency is by home canning fruits, vegetables, and even meats.  Check out this post for more tips on how to can as well as what you need on hand to make it happen safely.

DIY Home Security for Preppers:  Do you ever consider that in a state of emergency there may be more theft or home invasions?  If so, this is for you.  Every home needs a home security method in place.

Natural Antibiotics for Preppers:  In major states of emergency, having health care may be impossible.  These items are a must to have on hand to use as a natural antibiotic safely without fear of expiration dates or need for a physician on hand.


Why Your Family Should Have a Stockpile?  Many don’t understand why we keep a stockpile of food.  This post will help you understand the reasons behind it and need for it in your life.

How to Keep Your Stockpile from Expiring?  Stockpiling food and drink for emergency use can be a frustration if you have expiration dates making the products unusable.  Don’t miss these tips for how to keep your stockpile from expiring.

Emergency Prep Food:  This post tells you more about what we recommend for emergency food and why.  There are many amazing options out there, but this is our favorite source.

How to Prepare Your Family for a Financial Emergency:  One of the most needed survival tools for an emergency prepper is actually financial.  These tips help you to plan for a financial emergency, and why it is a must no matter what level of prepper you feel that you are.

10 Awesome Websites Preppers Love:  If you really want to learn more about emergency prepping and what survival tools you are lacking, check out this list of our favorite websites just for preppers.  Emergency prepping is a wonderful way to learn more about things you need in your life.


10 Power Outage Boredom Busters:  Part of prepping for an emergency is also being ready to kill time when there is no electricity, internet, or other electronic entertainment options.  This will help you to be prepared, and maybe find some things your family will enjoy outside the

How to Prepare Your Family for a Flood:  Nobody wants to think about a flood happening, but if you live in an area that has a lot of rainfall seasonally, this could be your reality.  It is always best to be prepared, and our tips give you a great place to begin.

10 Ways to Prep For Summer Storms:  Summer storms can be beautiful to watch, but they surely wreak havoc on your life and family.  Check out our tips for how to prep to stay safe and sheltered no matter the storm.

These survival tools and emergency prep ideas are just what you need if you find yourself in the category of becoming an emergency prepper.  Don’t wait until it is too late. Begin prepping today!

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