Tips for Saving Money on Gas

Tips for Saving Money on Gas

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If you are one that commutes to work, you are probably spending a bunch of money on gas. Or even if you simply drive around a lot on a daily. Although gas prices are a bit lower than they have been in the past, they can spike at any time and plus, it never hurts to save a bit of money any way. I know I like to save as much money as I can at all times, and with gas it is no different. Today I am going to giving you my tips for saving money on filling up your gas tank.
-Always Fill Up: It is much more fuel-efficient to fill up your tank maybe once a week, versus putting a few dollars in every couple days. I highly recommend saving your money and filling up once a week. When your fuel tank is full, it runs more efficiently and you get more miles to the gallon, in turn making your gas actually last longer.
-Use the Gas Buddy App: There is an awesome, free app that you can find on both the Apple App Store and Google Play that allows you to check your local surroundings for gas stations. This app helps you to compare prices so that you can truly find the lowest and most affordable rate of gas to save as much money as you can. I would definitely recommend downloading this app as soon as possible.
-Use Fuel Reward Systems: Nearly every gas station has some sort of fuel rewards program, especially the larger chains of gas stations. Definitely make sure that you are a member of every one that you frequent. This way no matter where you are getting your gas, you are earning points for rewards such as gift cards  for foods and shopping and you can even earn money off of your next gas purchase as well.
-Drive a Fuel Efficient Car: The worst thing to do when you are trying to save on gas it to drive a big old gas hog. I really recommend getting yourself a nice, convenient and fuel efficient car. This will save you a large chunk of money by simply having a more efficient car.
There are so many living expenses out there in the world that you already have to pay for, so be sure that you are saving as much money as possible on your everyday expenses, such as gas.

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