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Time Saving Kitchen Tips

Time Saving Kitchen Tips

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There are thousands of cool time-saving kitchen tips that are easy to take advantage of. These are some worth considering.

  • Need a funnel for dry ingredients? Cut the corner off of an envelope, place the cut corner in the cup or bowl and carefully pour the ingredients into the envelope.
  • Make as many “one pot” meals as possible. These meals tend to be simple to make and don’t dirty a lot of dishes. Better yet, the variety is almost endless.
  • Prepare large meals and freeze the leftovers for later. If you make enough, you can even skip cooking the next day and serve the leftovers for dinner.
  • Need to make more bacon for breakfast in a hurry? Use a waffle iron or sandwich press to quickly cook bacon strips.
  • Time to serve ice cream to the whole family? Instead of measuring out scoops, flip the tub over and slice it into evenly-sized pieces with a knife.
  • Keep your kitchen organized. It can take a lot longer to prepare meals if you have to search for the right baking pan or measuring spoon.
  • Invest in a slow cooker. While slow cooker meals take some time to cook, they are often easy to prepare and don’t require much watching after. This way, you can typically toss in the ingredients and move on to other things.
  • Make sure you have all the right tools. While you can peel potatoes with a steak knife, using a proper peeler saves you a lot of time and effort.
  • Clean up all of the dishes you use for preparation purposes, while you cook. Not only will it save you from having a pile of dishes later, your cookware will be easier to clean if you don’t wait until later. There’s almost nothing worse than stuck-on gunk!
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Hopefully, you’re excited to try out at least a few of these tips. The more time you save in the kitchen, the more time you can spend with family and friends.