Sleeping Beauty Movie Night

Sleeping Beauty Movie Night

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Sleeping Beauty Theme Movie Night

With the premier of Maleficent hitting theaters on May 30th I thought it would be fun to have a girly movie night and watch Sleeping Beauty. This movie really lends itself to fun, slumber party feel so I went with it.   Whether it’s just you and your little girl or you plan on sharing it with a whole gaggle of girls this movie is the perfect theme for a girls night in. From toddler to teen a pamper party followed by a girly childhood favorite is a wonderful way to spend and evening. Themed snacks, activities, and even a craft make it more than just an evening spent in front of the TV.

Activity: Spa Party:

If you dream a thing more than once its sure to come true” -Princess Aurora


To introduce the theme of our movie night (which I kept as a surprise) I filled a basket with-first our movie Sleeping Beauty on DVD, and a load of items gathered from around the house and a few new I items to create a mini spa party. Sleeping Beauty is just meant to create a princess pampering theme I think! I put nail polish, remover, hand and foot cream, tea bags for our eyes, high heals, tiaras, and pretend jewels of course, some chocolate, microwave popcorn, and princess gummy snacks. We painted our fingers and toes, massaged tingly peppermint lotion on and loaded ourselves down with dress up items.


Other fun activities for a princess pampering party :

  • Walk in high heels with a book on your head
  • Hide the Royal Slipper
  • Hot Tiara (Play like hot potato)


Snack: Tea Time Snacks

“Oh I just love happy endings.” Fauna

For snacks I served a combination of things I already had on hand-microwave popcorn, chocolate from moms special stash, and these dipped graham crackers. To dip graham crackers (in pink of course!) I simply melted white chocolate chips in a microwave safe dish in 30 second increments,stirring each time, then stirred in a couple drops of pink food coloring.


Dip the graham crackers in, and while still wet sprinkle with a sparkly sprinkles


my silver sprinkles were actually leftover from Christmas.


Next I served plain old country time pink lemonade but to make it special I sugared the rim like a fancy grown up drink. I combined a couple shakes of my silver sprinkles with some of the lemonade powder. Wet the rim of your glass and dip in the powder mixture. Carefully drop in ice cubes, and pour in lemonade, add a special straw and your drink is no longer ordinary.

Additional Snack Ideas:

  • Tiny cucumber sandwiches
  • Serve snacks in tea cups and saucers, wine glasses, or pretty pedestal bowls
  • Use princess themed cookie cutters to cut out sandwiches, pancakes, or cheese into fun shapes


Craft: Lavender Scented Beauty Pillow

“Sword of truth, fly swift and sure, that evil die and good endure” Flora

Lavender is well known as a relaxing scent for inducing peaceful slumber. So it makes a perfect base for a Sleeping Beauty themed craft.   Purchase a small piece of satin, or cotton fabric.


I purchased a ½ yard because I had another project in mind for it but if you can find a remnant in a patter or texture you like that is plenty.

Gather dried Lavender- I found mine at Target in the spice section, flax seed, and lavender essential oil if you have some on hand. Combine ½ cup flax seed, 2 Tbsp. dried lavender, and enough essential oil for preference. And set it aside.


For a child cut a piece of fabric 8” long and about 6” wide. For adults make it 2” longer in each direction. Fold it in half so it is 8” long with wrong side facing out. Now you can sew, hot glue, or iron on hem 3 sides of the bag.


Turn bag out so the correct side is now facing out, and fill with lavender mixture. Sew up the remaining end. The flax seed helps give weight the bag so it cradles your eyes, while the aromatherapy of lavender is naturally relaxing. This is a fun pamper project for little girls and would be great for a slumber party as well.


Sleeping Beauty (Two-Disc Platinum Edition)

Sleeping Beauty (Two-Disc Platinum Edition)

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