Savings Tracker – Free Printable

Savings Tracker – Free Printable

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This site started with my mission to save $40,000 and we did it in less than a year. FOCUS. Focus is the magic word as you plan it out, break that plan down to bite size pieces and then turn it into a reality. Yes, we have our new home and have no mortgage…then we bought a car with cash. Now we are paying for Miss Sarah’s college out of our pocket because we can’t touch her college savings yet. (I still find it ironic that we saved for it, yet she started college at an age that we couldn’t touch it yet!) We still save, however we simply apply the same principals to a different target as our life progresses.

How can that help you? We have a Savings Planner for you to help what ever you goal is.

Are you saving for a home? To buy a new car? Planning for the future of your children so they can go to college? How about that family vacation that you haven’t taken for years? Are you planning ahead for your retirement? What ever you are saving for, we have the free printable planning sheet here for you.

A 52 week challenge sheet where you can pop over $5,000 a year into savings account and keep doing it. That compounding interest on that money adds up quicker than you can possible imagine! Some people don’t like the idea of doing it where December has the big brunt of the investing so we have a sheet to do it in reverse! The savings for the year gets easier and easier as you go –and you actually come out ahead as you are adding up interest faster than you would have by placing the big chunks at the end.

No matter what your personal savings goal is, we have a savings tracker for you! All you have to do is print it out and get your hiney started.

Get your free Savings Tracker here : operation40k saving planner gray and green

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