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Save Money on Food by Shopping Online in Bulk

Save Money on Food by Shopping Online in Bulk

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To Save Money on Food by Shopping Online in Bulk can seem like a strange idea until you look at it more closely. One thing we can learn from the big mess with the snowstorms all over the South is that it pays to be prepared. When you aren’t ready for the ice and snow – or any strange anomaly to your normal surroundings – it can be hard to get to the store.

Save Money on Food by Shopping Online in Bulk

People who live by shopping week to week may keep their grocery budget low, but they don’t always have “extra” in the case of an emergency.

With most of the state of Texas out of power, if people COULD get to the grocery store on the icy roads, the stores might not be open. If the stores ARE open, the stores might have been cleared of stock before the storm hit. With the bad roads, trucks with deliveries might not have arrived to restock.

I’m not going to go all doomsday prepper on you here, but it pays to have things on hand that you can eat if you do not have a way to cook it. Things that are shelf-stable don’t require power to keep.

Get Your Bulk Non-perishables Online And Save

Without spending a lot of money on a “prepper supply” service with buckets of freeze-dried food, you can make a list of the things you normally purchase at your local store and consider what you could safely stock up on.

Most people don’t realize it, but a large portion of the foods you buy can be delivered right to your door – without busting your budget. Buying bulk food online is convenient and easy. Just pick the foods that you need and in a few days, you will have a pretty box sitting on your doorstep.

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Only buy what you need:

Have you ever walked into a grocery store for a single item and walked out with 20 things? It is easy to Save Money on Food if you make a list and stick to it. You need to make a list of what things you normally buy, and then circle those items that have a longer shelf life. Avoid things like fresh produce and brands that you have never tried. Nothing like trying that can of white chicken chili to find out you hate it and yet, 11 more cans are still in your pantry.

What you can buy to save money on food:

Sure, you can’t do this with your refrigerated items, but you can do this with almost everything else. Paper products are a no-brainer! People in Texas loved having paper plates for eating off of when they had no way to wash dishes. Toilet paper never goes bad and when you can’t find any at the store? It is reassuring to know you have plenty in your pantry to get you through a few weeks until supply chains are re-established.

Dried beans, pasta, condiments, rice, nuts, dried fruits, bottled sauces, spices, and more can all be bought online. Canned food that you could eat cold – like ravioli. I know, it doesn’t sound great, but it depends on how hungry you are. Strangely enough, I like Chef Boyardee – try reading the label sometime. That bargain treat is fairly healthy.

Some people debate on stocking up on canned fruit and veggies. I can my own, but if you don’t? February is a great month to grab these as it is National Canned Food Month. Watch the sales specials and stock up.

Protein bars, snacks, etc., are good to stock up on too. Sure, these might not be the ‘star’ of your meals, but they are all things that your kitchen can’t do without, especially in an emergency situation.

Let’s not forget your pets!

You can save money on food for your fur babies too! Dog food or cat food is important too. Canned will last longer than dry, but has a higher price tag. Just keep an eye on the expiration date as even your pooch won’t like stale kibble.

When you buy in bulk, you are paying more money upfront, which can be a bit of a shock at first, but you are getting more than you would get if you were buying the regular portions of these items.

Basically, you are paying more now but in return you get more of your product, meaning you will have a good while before you need to restock. In the long run, this can save a lot on your budget. What’s even better is that most bulk items aren’t affected by temperature, so you don’t have to worry about them spoiling during shipping.

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Online Stores to look at to Save money on food:

Target – Go thru their app, but selections can be limited. Fresh produce items might be “unavailable or delayed.”

Walmart – Possibly your thriftiest option here. With the Walmart+ Membership, you get free delivery from your local eligible Walmart store. Membership is $98 annually or $12.95 a month and with as few as two deliveries a month, it pays for itself.* Try Walmart+ with the Walmart+ Free Trial for 15 days.

Costco/Sam’s Club – Via Instacart. This saves you the Costco Membership but you have to pay for Instacart. $99 per year and get free deliveries. Nonmembers pay as little as $4 per delivery during non-rush times and $10 when demand is high. Note that Instacart tends to add about 3% to food costs, so bargains might not be that fantastic.

Amazon — FREE grocery delivery or pickup is available to Prime members in select regions on Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods Market orders that meet the local free delivery or pickup threshold. To check region eligibility, sign in to your Amazon account or enter your zip code

HyVee Pluscosts $99 a year but you get free grocery delivery. You also get a 2-hour express pickup, everyday fuel savings, exclusive monthly perks, and more!

Local stores – through Instacart. Again, you pay for that service.

There are many online stores that will let you buy in bulk, but since you are ordering online, there are always risks involved.

Save Money on Food by Shopping Online in Bulk woman shopping online

Things to consider:

You want to be sure that what you are buying will not be expired. You also want to be sure that it will arrive on time and is not likely to be damaged during shipping. But the biggest thing that you want to verify is the return policy, you don’t want to receive a package only to find out that it would be easier to keep an expired item than it would to go through the hassle of returning it.

This isn’t meant to scare you off of buying in bulk, it can be a great thing. This is just meant to show you the reasons why you should be careful who you choose as your bulk supplier. There are many stores online that sell in bulk and you want to get the best value for your money and the customer service that you deserve.

The easiest way to do this is to look for recommendations from others. If you have friends who eat healthily, ask them if they buy in bulk and where they shop. If you are part of an online community, tap them for suggestions. Learning from someone who has already done it is a great way to save yourself some trial and error. And if all else fails, Amazon also ships some items in bulk, and even though they have their hiccups they are a trusted site that allows people to review the items that they buy.

If you choose not to buy your bulk items online, you may be able to find what you need locally.

Want to shop locally?

Your local health food store might have everything that you need. Some stores openly offer the option of buying in bulk while others don’t advertise that this is an option. You might need to look at local websites, and maybe even call the stores to make sure they have the bulk items you are looking for.

Most grocery stores will help you save money on food as they will offer a case discount if you ask them. Just as for your grocery manager and see what they say.

Even when you find a local bulk supplier, you may discover that they don’t carry your favorite brands. This is one reason some people choose to buy certain bulk items locally and get others online.

When done right, buying in bulk can be a great asset to your pantry and budget. There is a little planning involved, but it can be well worth it in the long run.

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