Save Money During A Move

Save Money During A Move

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I think we all go through some sort of move in our lives. Whether that be moving out of state, out of the country, or maybe just out of your parent’s house. Regardless, moving can be a bit hassle, stressful, and can actually cost you a whole lot of money if you are not careful. Well, moving doesn’t have to be all of that, I am going to be sharing with you a few tips that will save you money when you’re moving which will reduce your stress during the move.
1. Do the Moving Yourself: A lot of people tend to go to hiring movers to pack up items and physically move them to your new location because it is the easier and more simple route for you, but it can cost you a big chunk of change. What I recommend doing is either doing all of the moving yourself by renting a truck for yourself and getting friends and family to help. If you don’t have time to do this all on your own, at least pack up all of your items on your own and just hire a company to actually move the items…this will still save you a good amount of money.
2. Create a Budget: Before you do any sort of moving, sit down and write out a budget for your move. This way you can budget out how much you will have to spend on packing supplies, moving services, the cost of the travel, and food during the traveling. You will need to just include everything that you will be spending money on during your move.
3. Declutter: A great way to cut down on moving costs is to not have to move so much stuff! Everyone always has a ton of clutter in their home that is not exactly essential things. Try getting some stuff together and either have a garage sale to make a bit of extra cash, or even donate the items to goodwill!
4. Don’t Pay for Boxes: Do not ever pay for your packing boxes, there are so many opportunities to get them for free! If you work at a restaurant, there are always a ton of excess boxes that you can grab, if not you can ask stores for their shipping boxes or even check dumpsters behind stores.
5. Move in Off Season: Summer tends to be the most common time of year to move because it is warm outside and kids tend to be on break from school so it is just the most convenient time. However, it is not the cheapest time of the year, try moving in the off season and moving companies will give you a much better deal because they are not as busy.
Moving can be a terrible time to get through, but it ends up being worth it in the end and feels so good once it is over. I hope that these tips help the process to be a little bit less stressful and smooth.

5 thoughts on “Save Money During A Move

    • Well these are quite helpful tips. Pretty simple and detailed regarding moving and saving money at the same time. Worth the time reading them. Thanks for this.

    • You hit all my favorite talking points!

      Moving across to a new Country is really expensive, but this article make me comfortable about making a decision doing well. Thank you,

    • WOW! I Highly appreciate this post. Great

    • Hello Dannelle! This should be followed by every of who wants to move without spending much of money. But for me I do not need them for now but I keep this this useful info in case my situation might change. Thank you!

    • Moving is such difficult and mentally stressful, moreover, money saving tip is awesome. Unfortunately it is no longer useful to me, because we are recently move and hopefully this is permanent home.

      Thank you for sharing Dannelle, I appreciate.

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