Planning For A New Baby On A Small Budget

Planning For A New Baby On A Small Budget

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Planning for a New Baby on a Small Budget

When you just find out you are expecting it’s such an exciting time! You start thinking about names, the nursery and how much fun it’s going to be to bring a new little one into your family. Then the worry sets in…you wonder how you will be able to afford a new baby and at the same time be sure your little one is taken care of. The good news is you don’t need to panic!! Planning for a new baby on a small budget is achievable and here are some excellent tips to help you along the way.

Planning for a New Baby on a Small Budget

Breastfeed if you are able: Formula can get pretty expensive, there are coupons available to help and special programs, however breastfeeding is going to be the least expensive option. You will need to invest in some nice breast pads, reusable ones like these work great.

Use a Bassinet: If you are unable to get a nursery ready by time the baby arrives simply use a bassinet. This will give you more time to save up for a crib and likely you will want the baby sleeping close by in the beginning anyway.

Purchase Used Clothing: Babies grow so fast that often times they only wear an outfit a couple times before they grow out of it. Look for great deals at garage sales and local children’s resale shops.

Ask for Freebies: Companies love giving out baby freebies in hopes you will love their products and purchase them. You can check the freebies here and don’t be afraid to ask your pediatrician for some as well.

Don’t Pay for a Photographer: We all want nice pictures of our new baby and photographers can cost a pretty penny. Simply ask a friend to take some pictures of your family with the new baby. You can get some beautiful photos when you get creative great lighting and backdrops.

Know Where to Register: Most places offer baby registries however some places are more expensive than others and most people have a budget in mind when buying gifts. There is no need to register at Babies R Us or Buy Buy Baby. Set up a registry someplace like Wal-Mart, or Amazon you’ll likely get more for less. These places also have great return policies in case you receive duplicate items.

Make Your Own Baby Food: Making your own baby food is less expensive and it’s healthier. You can find some great baby food recipes here.

Learn how to Save on Diapers: If you are planning to use disposable diapers you will want to know all there is to know to get the best price on diapers. If you plan to use cloth diapers you can often find some great cloth diaper deals here.

Congratulations on your new little bundle of joy!! Planning for a new baby on a small budget really very simple and will allow you to enjoy this time with your little one and not break the bank.

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