Home Education Part Two: Learning Posters!

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**This is the second part of a four part series I am doing on how you can accelerate your child’s education.

Last week I talked about teaching little people how to read — this week we talk about Learning posters.

It’s not hard to make mini “teaching moments” of almost anything – but can take a little time to tie it all together. I LOVE places that do some of the work for me and one of my favorite sites for anyone who has a toddler: Brightly Beaming Resources!

  • We followed this 26 week/lesson plan that was all set up and easy to do!!  HERE is the link to the simple, easy to follow “program”.

Each week covers a letter, shape/color, vocabulary word, numbers, nursery rhyme, and a weekly “theme” that includes a suggested book list! Seriously – a complete, EASY and best yet: FREE program for your munchkin – all planned out for you! If you have a computer — it is simple to print off, add clip art and have fun —  as you can see in my picture. It really makes for a simple, well rounded, basic education!

We made a routine out of it – the weekly library trips to get the new books for the next theme, and more!

We also kept an eye out for local events that might possibly tie into what we were working on for the week — like week 26 has the theme of Airplanes: we went to the airport and watched them land and take off! The week we had the theme of Balloons, we picked up a pack at the dollar store, blew them up and played with them all in the living room. Week 16’s Butterflies tied into the Butterfly exhibit at Olbrich Gardens of Madison.

By doing a learning poster when they are young, it becomes a visual learning tool that you can keep going — like our States and Capitols board (We will talk basic geography next week).

Do you do learning posters?
What has worked well for you?