Fun Dollar Tree Craft Idea: Sun Hat Basket

Fun Dollar Tree Craft Idea: Sun Hat Basket

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This Dollar Tree craft is a great way to use the supplies from your local dollar store. It’s quick and easy, and all you need are a few items that can be found at any Dollar Tree store. Follow these instructions to make your own DIY sun hat basket!

Using items from your local dollar store, you can make this adorable sun hat basket. All you need is a few supplies and some time to get creative! Just picture this on your sofa table, that end table by your front door for keys, or even on the back of the family piano! Follow these instructions and make your own DIY sun hat basket!

Fun Dollar Tree Craft Ideas: Sun Hat Basket

This is such a fun and budget-friendly way to add a little “farmhouse chic” to your home decor!

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Why use the Dollar Tree for craft supplies?

The price is right – seriously, everything is just a buck. If you don’t believe me, try taking something up to an employee and ask how much it costs. They will say “one dollar”. It is kind of fun to do that a few times – but after 4? They kick you out.

I may or may not speak from experience. (Sorry Kris – the manager of my favorite Dollar Tree!)

This particular craft takes 2 specific items from your Dollar Tree store along with scissors and hot glue.

What is the best kind of hot glue to use?

The best type of hot glue to use for this DIY project is the 40-watt low temp. Why?

It dries quickly and doesn’t have a strong smell like some other types may have.

If you are in a pinch, you can even use the glue sticks you see at the Dollar Tree. Get them here: Glue Sticks

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Why is it nice to have small baskets?

Everyday people use small baskets for many things! It could be to put their keys, sunglasses, or even their phone while they are out and about at the beach!

What will you use this DIY basket for? Let your imagination run wild!

Sun Hat Basket Supplies

items needed to make a sun hat basket

All the supplies you need are at your local Dollar Tree store!

  • Dollar Tree sun hat
  • Dollar Tree Cork Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun with glue

How to make a Sun Hat Basket

Start by unraveling the sun hat, I just started pulling at the outer edge and it started to become undone in a long strip, but you could also cut into it, and then it will start to unravel.

unwraping Sun Hat Baskettt

Hold on to the piece that you unravel for another project sometime

unwrapping a sun hat to make a basket

Unravel the sun hat until you reach the part that would go over your head. It will look like a bowl.

dome of a sun hat for a basket

Cut the end and then trim the hat so that it is fairly even. Flip over the hat so that it looks like a bowl.

cutting cork ribbon

Cut two  4-5 inch sections of the cork ribbon (depending on how big you want the handles).

glueing handles to hat basket

Using your hot glue gun add a dab to both ends and attach to the hat.

final basket handles

Keep in mind that this isn’t SUPER durable, but great for decor.

finished sun hat basket

Style and enjoy! I simply added a beaded tassel rope and faux eucalyptus plant for a whimsical farmhouse feel for the back of my piano!

finished sun hat basket

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