3 Ingredients You Can Buy and Cook in Bulk

3 Ingredients You Can Buy and Cook in Bulk

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If you are looking to cook healthier, but also with your extra-busy schedule, buying a few things and learning to cook in bulk is highly recommended. While you do need to find some time during at least one day of the week, this helps you prepare meals for the rest of the week.

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Here are just a few ideas of ingredients to cook in bulk and save for meals throughout the week. 

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3 Ingredients You Can Buy and Cook in Bulk 

Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is, by far, one of the best ingredients you can buy in bulk and cook in bulk to prepare for future meals. In meal planning, you can use chicken breast for a lot of meals. You can make chicken sandwiches, snacks, soup or stew, chili, and salads. It can also be added to casseroles, enchiladas, casseroles, or saved as a main dish. To save money, buy your chicken breast in bulk and cook it all in the same manner, such as baking all of the breasts, boiling them, or putting them all in the slow cooker. 

Maybe you love a flavor of the Southwest? Try seasoning and cooking off a chicken in bulk as we do in this recipe on How to Make Southwest Chicken Wonton Cups. You could whip up oany of these recipes from a rotisserie chicken: Recipes for Shredded Rotisserie Chicken. Two rotisserie chickens are $10-12 and can whip up a lot of different meals for you and your family.

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Tomato Sauce

This is one of our favorite items to cook in bulk as one of the food items that tend to take a lot of time is tomato sauce. I’m not trying to turn you into an Italian grandmother, but this is a great and versatile thing to make. You can prepare a lot of different meals with your tomato sauce, cooking a wide range of different kinds of pasta and lasagnas. Unfortunately, the jarred sauce isn’t always good for you, and not very convenient.  You can make some large batches of tomato sauce, put them in mason jars, and save them for the pasta meals during the week. Some ingredients needed for basic tomato sauce include tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, red wine, and seasonings.

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I like to make big batches of pasta sauce and can it – so it is shelf-stable for future use – like I do here: Simple Canned Tomato Sauce.  This Tomato Basil Marinara is an old standby of mine too. Both make for great pasta dishes, fillers for meatball subs, and even inside lasagna. This Tomato Bisque Soup with Basil is a winner too!

Roasted Vegetables

For your vegetable side dishes, main dishes, and snacks, you might want to roast some vegetables in bulk. You can purchase the vegetables for less money at farmers’ markets and health food stores or get a CSA. Chop up all the veggies you want to use and add some olive oil and seasonings to them. Please turn on your oven and roast them for several minutes. Some vegetables that are good for roasting include carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, squash, bell peppers, onions, and zucchini.

Oven roasting takes the finicky task of watching things closely away and lets’ flavors meld together as you prep a large batch at a time. My friend David shows just how easy this is to do on his site Check out his post on oven-roasted veggies HERE.

With just these few ingredients, you can make a lot of different healthy meals during the week. By spending a few hours cooking these ingredients in bulk, you will be able to save plenty of time during the week on meals without having to get take-out every time you have a busy day. 

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