15 Fun and Cheap 30 Minute Meals

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Cheap 30 minute meals? Sometimes, we have a crazy week and simply need quick and easy meals so we don’t stray from our meal planning and money saving goals. That is where our 15 Fun 30 Minute Meals come in!

15 Fun 30 Minute Meals

We are all crazy in the summer – shuttling kids to camp, enjoying the pool on hot days, or hitching up the pop-up and hitting the road for a camping adventure. It seems like we are on the run every week so it helps to have a plan! I could (and have) talked about meal planning but the reality is being prepared. When you have a plan of action for family meal time, the stress is off and you too can enjoy the fun summer months.

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15 Fun and Cheap 30 Minute Meals

Hopefully, we have done some of the work for you here – by finding a few fun ideas to help get your out of the “what is for dinner” rut, yet keep it all budget friendly. We find that 30 minute meals are a great way to go!

Here is a quick round-up of some yummy dinners, all under 30 minutes to make!

  1. Mango Shrimp

The mango shrimp dish gets ready in 20 min, but what I like most about this is that it gets ready in 20 min flat, and the spicy taste is balanced out by the sweet taste of mango. I usually serve this dish on football nights when we all gather around the TV.

Get your recipe of Mango Shrimp here.

  1. Baked Pasta

Pasta is delicious, I love them when the weather is a bit cooler. If you need to prepare something quick, you can try this simple recipe for baked pasta. I have added mushrooms to it, but you can leave them out if you are not a big fan of them.

Get your recipe of Baked Pasta here.

  1. Bruschetta Chicken

The Bruschetta Chicken is a perfect Italian inspired dish that can be made quickly. It is a low carb dish that is seasoned with Italian seasonings and topped with delicious toppings. The dish gets ready in just 30 min, and you can serve this with bread rolls.

Get your recipe of Bruschetta Chicken here.

  1. Chicken Pad Thai

It is actually an easier and faster version of the original Pad Thai recipe. It is an improvisation of the famous dish from Thailand that you and your family would love to have every single day as a simple, one-dish meal. The best part is that it gets ready in just 30 min.

Get your recipe of Chicken Pad Thai here.

  1. Salmon

This is a flavor-packed Salmon recipe that is usually served as an appetizer. It is a simple home cooking recipe that is loved by my husband even though he is not a great fan of salmon. The Firecracker Salmon rolls recipe is not at all spicy but has a kick to its taste, which makes this dish so special.

Get your recipe of Salmon here.

15 Fun and Cheap 30 Minute Meals salmon rolls recipe
  1. Korean Taco

The Korean Chicken Tacos are delicious, and they get ready in just about 30 min. My mother used to tell that there are many ways to make chicken taste good, but the chicken taco recipe is the ultimate.

Get your recipe of Korean Taco here.

  1. Chicken Panini

It is a delicious chicken panini recipe that is very easy to make and takes very little time. The chicken panini sandwich has always been a favorite in my family, but they look forward to this dish every weekend.

Get your recipe of Chicken Panini here.

  1. Taco Pie

The taco pie is often described as the Mexican version of the chicken pot pie. It can be a favorite as a weeknight family dinner and is a one-dish meal. It can be prepared in a single skillet in just 30 min, and even the picky eaters will love this Mexican twist.

Get your recipe of Taco Pie here.

  1. Chicken Fajita

The chicken fajita is delicious and easy to prepare dinner that can be had on a weekend or a weeknight. It does a number of dishes to make this recipe, but it is really worth all the effort. The chicken fajita stuffed peppers is a great combination of chicken fajita, bell peppers, and fajita marinated grilled chicken.

Get your recipe of Chicken Fajita here.

  1. Shrimp Fried Rice

We all love order take-outs, but what is the use of paying money for a shrimp fried rice with just four pieces of shrimp in it? So I decided to make a homemade version for my family as the homemade versions always taste better. Now this recipe is fully customizable as you can substitute the shrimps with chicken or pork.

Get your recipe of Shrimp Fried Rice here.

15 Fun and Cheap 30 Minute Meals shrimp fried rice picture
  1. Meatball Sub Casserole

This is a classic sub recipe in a casserole form. The recipe is so delicious that you will be tempted to grab a fork and sink your teeth in this super-easy and tasty preparation.

Get your recipe of Meatball Sub Casserole here.

  1. Beef Chow Fun

The Beef Chow Fun is a popular Cantonese noodle dish, and I was a bit skeptical before attempting to make it at home. However, everyone in the family loved the dish as it is loaded with fat noodles, crisp vegetables, and tender pieces of beef.

Get your recipe of Beef Chow Fun here.

  1. Hamburger Soup

If you are really drained out on any day, then you can think of preparing this quick and easy hamburger soup recipe that is loaded with hamburger meat, veggies, tomatoes, green beans et al. I usually serve this soup with crusty bread, and fresh green salad.

Get your recipe of Hamburger Soup here.

  1. Texas Ham & Cheese Sliders

If you are having a bad day, or sick or want to watch a football match, then quickly rush to the kitchen, and prepare this delicious recipe of Texas ham and cheese sliders. It is a perfect food for party nights, and one of my favorites.

Get your recipe of Texas Ham & Cheese Sliders here.

  1. Beef Bourguignonne

The Beef Bourguignonne is a classic French dish that has only three ingredients – chuck meat, kosher salt, and black pepper. It is a quick-cooking recipe, and one should never rush to make this dish as you need to ensure that the meat is nice, tender, and flavorful.

Get your recipe of Beef Bourguignonne here.

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