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Cave Exploring – Fun For The Whole Family

Cave Exploring – Fun For The Whole Family

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Cave Exploring

Are you looking for a unique outing? Why not consider exploring a cave? Families, individuals, couples, and large groups can all partake in this day trip. There are thousands of caves all over the country – many of which offer tours and exploring opportunities. Here are some things to consider as you plan a cave exploration outing

What’s in a Cave?

What’s so great about visiting a cave? Some of the interesting features include;

1. Geology

This might be the most obvious answer. There are many geographic phenomena found in caves. T will vary depending on the location of the cave you are visiting but some things to watch for are stalactites, stalagmites, and other unusual rock formations. Because of their underground location minerals and water combine to form some of the most stunning geologic phenomena on earth.

2. History

Early man dwelt in caves, and in some places people still live in cave homes – albeit slightly more advanced than our prehistoric ancestors. In some caves you can see evidence of early man etched into the walls. But even if you don’t have actual artifacts or cave art present, you can still imagine what it was like for your earliest ancestors. Some caves were also once mineshafts in decades past. Spend some time learning about the cave(s) you’ll be visiting as it can help bring these historical facts alive.

3. Water features

Some caves have entire lakes in them while others have streams or waterfalls. For those who love water, exploring a cave can show you a whole new way of experiencing water.

4. Unique eco-systems

Life forms that live in caves have adapted fascinating ways of carrying on life. For example, did you know that some of the fish that live in the darkness of a cave’s pools actually lack eyes? Learning and discovering how the wildlife in caves adapt and evolve to survive makes the caving experience that much more interesting.

Who Can Go Caving?

There are multiple tour possibilities for just about anyone. But it’s important to choose the cave exploration style that fits you or your family.

1. Children

If you want to take kids along, a guided tour is a good idea. You also can use a map and take a walking tour through areas of the cave that are open and clearly marked. Make sure that everyone stays together – wear light clothing so it’s easier to see everyone. You may want to carry a flashlight just in case children get scared or are uncomfortable. Some caves offer motorized tours and this may be an option if you’ve got very small children who have trouble walking or tire easily.


2. Adults

If only adults are going, you can do a guided tour, walking tour, or something a little riskier – spelunking. Always putting safety and preparation first, you might want to explore lesser-known caves on your own. Make sure that at least one person in the group is an experienced spelunker. You also should take precautions to let someone on the surface know where you are going and when to alert authorities if they do not hear from you. Pack the right gear to stay safe and to have in case of an emergency.

3. Families

Many caves offer package deals for various levels. Your whole family can participate in a new adventure this way. Look for caves that offer packages aimed at families and you may be able to take some of the more adventurous paths with the help of a guide. This is the safest way to have a unique experience with less risk.

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