Birthday number 8: Movie Theater Birthday Party Fundraiser

Birthday number 8: Movie Theater Birthday Party Fundraiser

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movie theater birthday party
For Birthday #8, Miss Sarah choose to have it at a movie theater birthday party and use it to bless other people (read about it here)…so, we got things off to a great start with a simple invitation. I made 92 of them that she passed out at lunch time at her school.

In hindsight, I should have used a TURKEY, not an Owl… and the movie was FREE Birds, not Wild Birds. (Wild Birds is a movie about 2 abused girls that escape into the wilderness – sigh).
We talked to the theater, had our own theater (unless the other theater filled up and they needed our theater for overflow) and could bring in party treat bags.

We prepped bags for the party — using cute popcorn bags that were 10 for $1 at the Dollar Tree! In each bag was a sucker (Post Valentine’s Clearance), a glow bracelet (15/$1 Target bin) and a Capri Sun (Free from coupons!) The bags were all ready to go!

We found these cute Birthday signs at the Dollar Tree also, and we had a few of them for the event!

I was at the front door with a sign and clipboard with all RSVPd names on it. I checked them in and handed them their ticket, then pointed them to the person in the lobby with the next sign.

Birthday Sign In

They went from that sign, to Miss Sarah outside the theater that our movie was in. She had the popcorn bags and took the gift bag from them. We guessed correctly — that the kiddos would quickly put on the bracelet, pop that sucker into their mouth and take out their juice. That left an empty popcorn bag! We bought buckets of popcorn and passed them down through the kids — they simply filled up their bags and got busy.

 We had several extra glow stick bracelets for the kids who were NOT part of the party…who wants to be the only kid without one – right?

So, the theater even thought it was pretty cool – they took a picture and popped it on Facebook

27 children made it to the party – and that meant 27 Birthday Party In A Bag kits for the food pantry!

We took them home, made sure they were all complete and added tissue paper…I have this thing about stuff looking “pretty”, LOL!

bags prepped

Finally, it was delivery day! Here is Miss Sarah with Pastor Joe when we dropped them all off at the church’s food pantry…I can’t tell who has the bigger smile – can you?

This Monday, the first bag went out to a family!
Thanks to the 27 kids… there are kids who can celebrate a birthday they that wouldn’t have been able to before.
Now THAT makes for a great time and I’m super proud of them all!

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