How to Have A Baby On A Budget

How to Have A Baby On A Budget

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How to Have a Baby on a Budget

Babies can be very expensive – if you let them. There are ways you can save on the costs and be able to enjoy your new bundle of joy without breaking the bank. Becoming frugal in terms of baby gear and clothing is important so you aren’t feeling any unnecessary stress during your pregnancy.

Below are six steps to considering when having a baby on a budget.

1. Shop at consignment shops and sales.

Not everything has to be brand new for your baby. Most gear, with the exception of car seats, are safe to use as long as they are still within their “expiration date”. Clothing can be purchased at these places at a fraction of the cost of being new – which is great since babies outgrow clothes quickly.

2. Accept “hand me down” clothing and baby gear.

Don’t be too proud when it comes to your budget. If your cousin wants to give you everything that her 1 year old has outgrown, take it! You can still purchase a few new things for your baby, but you can be more selective about where you spend your money if you have a lot of items passed on to you.

3. Keep baby items for future children.

This won’t help your budget for the child you are expecting, but you can save lots of money on future babies by keeping items you have now. Clothing is very easy to store and as long as it’s not stained, will probably still look new for the next little one.

4. Try not to impulse buy.

If you will be buying things new, shop sales and clearance. Buy only when you see a good deal. Comparison shop so you aren’t spending more money than you need to. You have roughly nine months to prepare, so don’t spend your total budget before you even find out the gender!

5. Make your own baby food.

Once your baby is here, you can save a lot of money making your own baby food. A good food processor is all that is needed, so don’t feel you need anything fancy. This lets your baby eat what you are, and you can control exactly how much and what goes into his belly.

6. Consider cloth diapering.

Though there is an initial investment, cloth diapers can save you a great deal of money in the long run. If you think of the expense of buying a pack of disposable diapers each week, you will spend hundreds more than if you build up your “stash” of cloth while you are still expecting.

What are your tips for having a baby on a budget?

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